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Second of the year! woot!
Still alive!
梅雨、tsuyu, the rainy season has begun here. It has been pouring most of the week. Taking my chance for a run during this "dry" morning (22⁰C, 89% humidity)
It looks like 25-30min will be the sweet spot for a while.
Back in Surf City after 3 years? waves were messy with the wind so went for a jog. It has been so long I thought I was in someone else body... Great weather though.
Morning Run
Looks like volunteer day around here, firefighter testing the pump and grandpas cleaning the river banks.
Not a come back but at least I got a run today!
Long time no run (jog?). weather is great for it. Glad I managed to take 30min. at lunch. Neighbour’s sakura already passed blooming I was too late to snap its shot.
First activity of December! lol. I thought I was hearing voices from the forest, I stopped and I could hear the trees creaking and saying “we are cold”!
Opened Slack and found out it was a holiday today (文化の日, culture day) and family was still sleeping so jumped on the bike for a short but pleasant autumnal ride 🍁🍂 and still ok in short bib/jersey ✌️
Lunch run and a few snapshots of retired shops (maybe the 1st one still operating). There are a lot like this in Obi, it is at the same time charming and a bit sad. It must have been a busy area in the 50’s to 70’s.
shot ride to pick my k-van...
splendid weather. even warm in fact with just a cool breeze. really a perfect time to run or just be outside.
Managed to squeeze a short jog during lunchtime. Picture : do you think the owner of this snack is trolling us?
1st jog around our new place, Obi. not humid anymore but still hot!
my monthly activity. recently it has only been work (which is good) and our boy Jules (even better) but my stamina level is 0 and my speed level 0.5/11. tough.
That was supposed to be an easy restart but it turned out it was way more than I can chew at the moment. Back to 0. (again)
1ere activité physique du mois. pas facile avec un nouveau job et le bébé. au petit trot. évidemment super chaud et humide. mais ça fait du bien!
1st jog in a month. In the mean time rain season hit us hard (no issue here though). I also gain some KOP (king of pampers) and started lifting regularly some weight, about 3.5kg ;-)
running my course counterclockwise for once.