Few notes on this website :

This is the 4th version of my personal homepage, from a technical point of view.

First one was created in 2003-2004 in Php and Mysql and bits of Javascript and CSS, with no framework at all. I remember I tried Wordpress at the time and did not like it, therefore built my own thing... which lead me to become a Web Developer.

Second version was upgraded in 2007, using Smarty and a home-made Php kind of framework. I was using Mootols as Javascript library, remember this one ? I think it was better written than jQuery in many ways.

Posts from 2003-2007 are somewhere on old HDs, I won't dig them out, I think.

Third version, so the one until May 2019, was built with Zend Framework version 1.5 and Bootstrap/jQuery for the front-end.

It was developed in 2008.

Zooomr (a Flickr free copy) was used at some point to host my photos and that was a big mistake because it shot down suddenly with no warning to users. I have copies of the pics that were uploaded there but I am too lazy to re-upload and update the corresponding posts. Maybe I will some day. Maybe not.

Then I have been using Flickr since then with no issue. I am happy to pay for Flickr.

I have not posted since 2014 on this version, mainly because of Instagram becoming my blog platform.

I used Instagram, Runkeeper, Flickr APIs to feed the site.

This third version of the website has always been nicely hosted on Dreamhost with maybe only a couple of hiccups in 10 years and that was a long time ago. Dreamhost is a solid hosting service.

Now, this current and fourth version is built with Ruby and Rails and Postgresql. RoR became my working tool of choice since 2015.

No front-end Framework, only CSS Grid with few media queries. And basically no Javascript for now.

I imported all my data from Instagram, Strava, previous MySql Blog DB and Youtube with some rake scripts.

Since the last release, other cron jobs now pull data from the external services thanks to their API in order to feed automatically the website with new content.

This latest version is hosted on Digital Ocean. Code is on GitHub in a private repository for now.

I will probably document all of this for those interested. Nothing fancy though.

This website will contain French, English and 日本語 because these are the languages I use daily.

I don't master any of them unfortunately so beware of my broken writting skills.

I will certainly mostly use English though but some posts and videos are/will be in Fr or Ja with no translation.

Last update : 2019/05/20