2019/08/31 15:11

Morning ride in Nichinan

Kitago - Nichinan - to the sea and back through Obi town.

2019/05/09 01:50

Golden Week Ride in Nichinan - GWの一つのライドin日南。

A loop through the mountain from Kitago to Obi and back to Kitago. 2nd Soundtrack : https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud/keep-on-going.

2018/11/13 02:14

My Race at Miyazaki ITU Triathlon - Age Group 宮崎ITUトライアスロン2018年 エイジグループ

After Swim : 22/58, after bike : 23/58, after run : 18/58 in age group 40-44.

2018/11/12 12:37

Ceepo booth at Miyazaki ITU Triathlon 2018 - Shadow-R test!! CEEPOトライアスロンバイクin宮崎

Many thanks to Tanaka San, boss of Ceepo for letting me ride the Shadow-R. It was way too small for me but probably the chance of a lifetime :-) 宮崎ITU ...

2018/07/12 16:23

Lunch SUP Surf - お昼のサップサーフィン

In front of ANA Hotel, quick SUP surfing session during lunch break.