Hello, I am Jérôme Sadou, I am a software engineer living in Miyazaki Prefecture ⛰🌋🏝. who like to swim 🏊‍, bike 🚴‍, run 🏃‍, surf 🏄‍ , (strava.com/athletes/jaytri) when I have a chance.
Becoming a father in 2020, the occurences of chance greatly diminished...😅
I am French (Le Havre) in Japan since 2006.


I won't go into details here because there is already a lot on this website. Obviously I share on the web only what I don't mind to be public and therefore trivial things for the most part like my hobbies and interests. From time to time I even play with the camera for some more direct connection.
As you can see from my posts, sports play a large part in my life, basically since I was able to walk. Since 1998 I have been an on and off triathlete. Two years ago I discovered surfing and stand-up paddle, for the best. So yes, I enjoy my life in Japan partly thanks to its great outdoor resources. Infinite cycling roads, beaches, surfing points, hiking trails. No, Japan is not only Tokyo and the Shibuya crossing or Kyoto and its temples, if you were wondering. It's obvious (to the people of Japan at least) but perhaps sometimes good to re-affirm it. That said I also enjoy Tokyo, and if I had to choose a capital city to live in again, it would be in the top 5.


I have been an engineer since 2000, first in France working as a software engineer on real-time applications in Java and C++ for the military industry at Thales Underwater Systems and moved to the Web platform around 2002-2003 because it was more fun I guess.

Since 2006 I have been living in Japan where I worked during 3 years at Samurai Factory, a Japanese web company who produces services (the Ninja tools) for its more than million users base. From February 2010 to 2015 I worked as a freelancer first mainly with the Tokyo based multimedia agency UltraSuperNew until 2013 for multiple Red Bull projects and with the design office AQ. I’ve also worked on independent projects for individuals, companies, local government or NPOs.

From March 2013 to March 2014, I worked also part-time for the government of Tottori Prefecture in Japan to help them to promote eco-tourism and the International Ecotourism Conference that was organized.

From February 2015 to Mars 2016 I was an employee of Business Bank Group working on an ERP software, All-In.

In March 2016 I resumed my freelance activity. I worked on different projects for AQ (notably for Google Japan) and also for 株式会社AIDaNE : Sakelogy.jp and an in-house SaaS.(06/2018~2/2019)

In 2019, I developed a couple of Wordpress sites and implemented a Shopify store with some custom features. I also freelanced for アクセルユニバース株式会社 (Accel Universe) developping a Human Resources SaaS for EN JAPAN(08/2019~12/2019).

Moreover, from 2011 to 2020 I also was on and off the lone maintainer and developer for the Non Profit Organization Gadago taking care of the TokyoArtBeat.com website and developing the API for the corresponding iOS application.

From January to May 2020 I developed an MVP for a company in Tokyo. I can't say much about it but it was a good opportunity to use again Ruby on Rails and Stimulus.js with Action Cable.

From August to end of November 2020 I was freelancing for BULB株式会社, it was a good match and we decided I became an employee of the company, so since 2020/12/01 I am a happy employee working from home.

I can work in French, English and Japanese.

I can work on the back-end or the front-end of the development stack

My current favorite web development framework is Ruby on Rails, wether to build website or APIs to feed some other front-end techno made. I enjoy also StimulusJs and the new magic brought by the people from Basecamp.

I also enjoy developing in Golang with GraphQL and Appolo/NextJs/ReactJs for our clients.

If you think I could help you developing your idea, don't hesitate to contact me, I am all ears :


My Resume : Resume-Jerome-Sadou.pdf

My page on LinkedIn

Last update : 2022/12/12