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I rode to the Kurayoshi velodrome. The only one in Tottori prefecture I think and quite in the middle of nowhere :-) 3 riders from...


Very beautiful autumn day. Went to the field after 10 days to find the tomatoes are still going strong! Also enjoyed an easy ride and run...


An other good ride despite a semi-cold I caught. Great weather. Picture taken between Tomari and Aoya. I rode randomly a valley up to the...


Nice flat ride 🚴🏻 to the 🗿🗿🗿Moai (!?) of Tottori (a rare chance to use this emoji! 😅

Tonight is stay at a ryokan in


Tough ride this morning on the Guru. 🌼🚵🌧🍃 And this w-e is the Hawaii Ironman, I hope I...


First akebi of the year! 🍂 *spit seeds everywhere*


Good ride 🚵 this morning. Fantastic weather! I tried to share it as a story up there 👆I guess I have to work on that -_-;


Frogs from Japan.


After 10 days of miserable weather super happy to be outside (dry) again! 🚴🏻Rode the bike to the field 🌱for a little work. Too bad few...


Jimi Hendrix died on this day long time ago or maybe he just left for outer space.


I almost never upload food pics but let's make an exception. That was some serious quality.


Today I went for a about 30 min. TT in the mountain on a climb I like. Managed a Personal Best by 4 seconds only but happy with that 😅


me probably trying something I saw in 😅


Climbing repeats training today. Wearing a vintage Puma cycling jersey you won't find anywhere ;-) bonus for me : with colors of Le...


Easy ride this morning. But super windy!! Just enough elevation to complete this month climbing challenge


I was aiming at a 30' hard climb but my path to Hachibuse top was closed after 20'.


Today's harvest : okras, 2 kabucha, 3 types of tomatoes, a pack of azuki, a mini mini goya and one sunflower (but it's a bit early still)...


This afternoon checking the sunflower seeds I found this one

Yesterday at the field. Maintenance of the net, some clean-up and picking of some kabucha, tulsi (holy basil), tomatoes, okras and a...

Taken this morning. I went half body only in it : refreshing!