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Vintage jersey of the day, Belgium colors flavor one! Let's ride! #cycling #triathlonlife #miyazakicity #training


Am I still a triathlete if I replaced the swim training with surf or SUP 🙂?

In 2015 a friend offered me this #ukulele kit. A couple of weeks ago I finally started to slowly assemble it. During the first steps I...


#vwbus not spotted often around here! #miyazakicity #road220 to #aoshimabeach

This morning ride. A bit longer version on youtube/jeromesadou (trying things)

A bit earlier today during my jog.


I bought a drill. This is a pretty huge step into my life. 😅😬🛠#diyproject #destrousdepremiereclasse


Shorty ride. Half hill/mountain where I met a monkey (there are a lot in the area) and then near the sea. #miyazakicity #aoshimabeach...

Up to the mountains. Super windy! 💨 🚴🏻


This is the first straw bale house in the making I've seen in Japan. They used the structure of a kominka (old japanese house), rebuilt...

Teruhaosturi bridge this afternoon. Fun to cross.


Yes. De la lecture en provenance directe de Lyon. Merci "Le Feu sacré".

Few things : - first time at a pool since November. - not a shabby one as you can see :-) - oh and if I was feeling very good it might...


Acai smoothie. #miam

After 5 forced days of hikikomoriness due to a cold, I rode the bike in my neighborhood to find this café, bread shop. Good finding....


First tentative of solo surfing this morning on small waves, hopefully nobody was looking ><;


It is becoming a little bit my second home in Aoshima. At @surfcity_miyazaki I started a couple of month ago yoga, pilates, SUP and...


And let's start the year as the previous one ended :-) A good ride to Udo-jingū shrine. Glad I went by bike because the last 2 or 3 km...


Last of the year, to the mountain (cold) and back to the sea (better 😬) Have a good new year's eve ! #miyazakicity #aoshimabeach...


Just saw the Noriyoshi Ohrai exhibition. "The last Odissey III".