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2019/11/03 14:04,
Running encounter. Weed was cut on the banks of the river recently and this snake is probably confused about its living environment changing suddenly.

2019/10/23 23:25,
Nippon-African vibes in Aya-Cho . Hozu san playing the kora (21 string harp). Thank you @yawara_ya for the great musical evening.

2019/10/09 13:54,
Morning short ride in Aya to the bridge, fantastic weather. And as a proper Frenchman I bought the bread 🥖 on my way back home.

2019/10/08 00:40,
I have not surfed a lot this year but yesterday was a beautiful day in south Nichinan! This is a shot I took of @takayakamma surfing his small sponge board finless because why not :-)

2019/09/25 12:39,
That was a nice view to have when waking up. Bye bye ricefield! Hopefully it also means that finally autumn will set up.

2019/09/14 13:56,
Des arbres dans la ville, entre béton et bitume 🎵

2019/09/06 20:44,
Very pleasant dinner with @canae_nakayama at Jo no hira (地鶏庵 城の平) in Aya. Not expensive and great service.

2019/08/24 14:31,
Mini road trip this week-end with @canae_nakayama . First stop in Takaharu at the onsen and then stay at @sumrsurf office on a unique and improvised « bed » 😅 🛹. This morning, teaching yoga 🧘‍♀️class for Canae with @riejourney sensei while I rode up to the local mountain 🚵‍♂️ and went for a run along Aoshima beach 🏝 Then back to @cafe.zeal for a healthy 🥗 lunch ! Nice to be back in Aoshima after a month since I moved. 🤙

2019/08/17 15:05,
Perks of countryside : grabbing some fresh water from the source during the ride.

2019/07/28 10:43,
One more trail run at Inohae valley. Absolutely no one all the way up and down.

2019/07/21 18:33,
They did a great job @cafe.zeal . Beautiful mezzanine and nice place to chill.

2019/07/20 12:43,
梅雨 長すぎ

2019/07/14 20:58,
Ciel impressionniste au dessus du mont Takachiho.

2019/07/07 18:03,
Met a celebrity on my short run today! From and to the onsen. Hot and humid but still bearable for a jog. (Still went first to the cold bath of the onsen) Not the same for my friends who did Seagaia triathlon this morning ! @cmaris and @aoshimachintao Otsukaresama guys!

2019/06/29 17:42,
Snorkeling and free diving in Ko-uchiumi with @sumrsurf a few days ago, water was not very clear but we could see a wide range of fishes.

2019/06/27 22:04,
My usual run from home. To the sports park and back. Fun thing : thanks to the rain season the track field was covered with mushrooms!

2019/06/23 20:39,
Promenade à Takaharu avant le onsen : mini escargots , petite salamandre et vaches (Miyazaki Gyu)

2019/06/22 14:36,
😋 Miam! Sazae BBQ ! from in

2019/06/16 13:18,
Trail running today in Inohae valley. Perfect weather we have here when rain season takes a break. I have a thought for my friends of Le Havre who are organizing the Le Havre Urban Trail races this week-end. Bon courage les gars/filles ! #ラン

2019/06/05 17:56,
Getting ready for some serious business!

2019/05/30 15:04,
Full bloom in front of my apartment! And for my friends back in France who asked what kind of car I own. Well, *cough*, here it is. That is a , mini-van or kei-van (kei = light/not heavy). To give you an idea, about 1.8m high and when back seats are down (which is always), I have 185cm in the length to put my stuff. Especially fine as my bike can fit in with wheels on. Max speed is ... drumrolls... 100km/h. 😅Which is never reached in fact as 90% of the roads are limited to 80km/h anyway. Yes, friends of France you are reading well. Which is a good thing imho! Kei-van or kei-trucks are everywhere in Japan, especially in the countryside area. They are economic and easy to fix (nothing to fix on mine in 3 years). There is basically no electronics involved, no computer or software onboard. Some hybrid version exists though.