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Yakitori 焼き鳥

Magnum, P.I

A repeat of last year! This boy is 3y.o now :-)

Happy early bird boy sand castling on the beach of a Nichinan surfing spot. Then we all went picking some bell peppers at (last week we picked some corn from them too).

On the way of our evening walk there is a banana tree, someone's got excited!

Beach boys & girl, summer fun! Building castles made of sand at Kojima beach. The island behind me in the video is protected and inhabited by local macaques. Vidéo : creuséした = j'ai creusé 😅

Happy Birthday Jules! 2 years old today! 🏄 video shot last w-e in Aoshima by @canae_nakayama 今日樹宇瑠くんは2歳になった! おめでとうございます🎉 先週青島で @canae_nakayama 撮ったビデオです

Hello, it has been a while around here! Golden week is pretty good this year!

Summer 1975 vs Spring 2021! My dad, 30 y.o and I at about 9 months taken by my uncle Philippe versus me, 46 y.o and Jules, 9 months taken by @canae_nakayama Le Havre beach vs Aoshima beach! But... Same baby clothes ! Sent by my mum from France 😘 I had no clue she still kept some of our clothes! I hope we will meet again soon and she can finally give a hug to Jules!

Already this time of the year! In Kitago station there is an early blooming type of sakura tree. They will be all full blooming during the week I think.

I did not know posca marker were that fun, never to old to learn I guess. I wish you all a (psychedelic) Joyeux Noël!

There is no mistake. At Muchang and Chikurin place we are still in 1970 or so :-) Which suits me perfectly! @yawara_ya is one of my favorite places. In their own style, they do the best pizza. We spent a great day. Good food, good drinks, and good music (when I am not playing 😅)

We have a visitor this morning! Check @canae_nakayama post to see it if it made it to the wall, I was out of storage 😅 Also if you are bored, check my newly created account @obi_base where I am sharing a mix bag of things like my home office, some japanese houses interior, discoveries of Obi, all in a Tokoro George spirit if that makes sense. I am using these hashtags overthere :

So @canae_nakayama and I moved again! 🚚 First thing was to set-up my home office for work. Going for a mainly standing position this time, but the setup is going to evolve a lot, this is just a temporary solution with what I have at the moment. We are going to live in the cute town/village/borough (?) of Obi⛩, Nichinan. A place with an old history and glorious times in south Kyushu, now a mainly quiet and a bit of touristic place. After moving 3 times in a year (for good reasons a couple of times and once because of a bad experience) I hope this time we are in for a longer run! Obi (飫肥) seems to be an easy place to raise a child too with all the necessary facilities at a walking or short ride distance (not often the case in Japan countryside, with depopulation). Bonus, it is also a good starting point for cycling 🚴 adventures with mountains ⛰ just outside of the town and the coastline 🏝not too far for the occasional 🏄 surfing session. Since Jules 👶 birth we have been super busy with him as you can imagine, plus I started a new job in August and we were looking for a new house. pfff... 😮 That’s why I was not very active around here, but I am looking forward to sharing about our new area. Finally, the good season is starting now here. I have some DIY ideas 🗜for the house and my desk setup and also running outside 🏃‍♂️became bearable. Woot! All in all, more to share soon!

Promenade du soir Avec ledzep 1 dans les oreilles.

May I introduce you to Jules or 樹宇瑠 (ju u lu) ju : big grown living tree, u : space/cosmos, lu : first kanji of Lapis Lazuli He arrived on earth about 12 days late, on July the 1st. Maybe he missed his space shuttle ? For a brief moment he was the most recent human to count (ok, like all of us, but still ;-) He is a big and healthy boy. @canae_nakayama was very brave and strong. That was amazing. Thank you❣️

A couple of stops between Kitago and Miyakonojo, we are catching the coolness of the waterfall during this hot day.

Received some psychedelic love from Canada! that was fast! Thank you for the card and the words @bhopals_flowers for psychedelic music lovers check @hypnoticbridge

an other waterfall today, this one is off the path, just a bit sketchy to reach but it was worth it.

impressions de mon trail ce midi dans la vallée d’Inohae. En Français pour une fois! (ça fait très bizarre)

@canae_nakayama ‘s uncle set-up a couple of bee boxes and a swarm recently settled in.