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Sadou brothers

Morning ride : 1st time in 11 years to ride this road. My bike 🚲 was in the house underground for all this time. I washed it, degrease /...


Ran this path hundred times in an other life. 1st time on

This morning, school kids on their way.


A bit earlier tonight. Sunset from Aoshima.


I found the cutest @metallica fan! My friend Lloyd and his daughter stopping by for some SUP on their way to Yakushima.

Beach park has been open for a few days already, a good spot for lunch or a drink in Aoshima!

This morning I went for a semi random run in the forest of Kagamizu. There are few trails and I had great fun. I took my old to shot...

You are going to probably hate me but that was my one hour lunch break today 😎 Full version of the video on YouTube :...

This morning I participated in the ride. First time in years I rode in a group, that was good and got some PB on Strava ;-) Thanks to...


That was a good ride in great weather. Towards the end I bumped into a group at the konbini. (I don't spot riders often so that was a...


Vintage jersey of the day, Belgium colors flavor one! Let's ride!


Am I still a triathlete if I replaced the swim training with surf or SUP 🙂?

In 2015 a friend offered me this kit. A couple of weeks ago I finally started to slowly assemble it. During the first steps I was...


not spotted often around here! to

This morning ride. A bit longer version on youtube/jeromesadou (trying things)

A bit earlier today during my jog.


I bought a drill. This is a pretty huge step into my life. 😅😬🛠


Shorty ride. Half hill/mountain where I met a monkey (there are a lot in the area) and then near the sea.

Up to the mountains. Super windy! 💨 🚴🏻