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Latest blog entry is from August last year. Better to compile here some stuff before I forgot about it (I will read this blog when I'll be 80y.o, if there will be still a trace of it somewhere that said).

So let's see. After Sagishima triathlon I was a bit tired after 4 months or hard training (cf runkeeper). Since then I've been training much less just to keep the form… well I gained a bit of weight though :-)


In October I rode the Hill Climb in Daisen like the previous year but without specific training.


[Wearing an original 80's jersey from La Redoute pro team]

I still managed to have an honest result : 19k of climbing in 1:05 for a 36th position /195. Not too bad. As opposed to 2011 the start was super fast (that quite surprised me) and it was a bit longer (which was good). Anyway a race  I really enjoy as it takes place when the weather is at its best for riding in autumn.


Mt Daisen




Incredible colors in Daisen at that time of the year



In November I focused on running to prepare for the Tottori Ekiden from Yonago to Tottori City. I was in the B team of Hokuei Cho (my district) and this was my first experience to participate in an Ekiden.


Team was featured in the paper.



If you don't know, Ekiden is a relay race. Each member have to run from 5k up to 21k usually.


I was lucky as I got a short one [6.4k] and also almost flat. I ran the distance in 26:29 so a pace of 4:06/k. I had not run "that fast" in many years so I was quite happy but that still very far from what I could do 10 years ago… I wonder if I'll be able to run again in 37'/10k one day…

Also in November I had the opportunity to test ride Neilpryde's bikes during a morning. I was looking forward to testing the time trial specific model, the "Bayamo".




That was the first time I rode such a bike and yes you want to go fast with it. Unfortunately the test model was too small for me and could not really appreciate it.


The one that really surprised me was the Bura ultra light model, this one is a dream in the climbs. But if I had to buy only one Neilpryde bicycle that would be most probably the all-around Alize model, I like its shape, quite aero and I would be able to use it anywhere and for any kind of race.



Bayamo sexy lines ;-)




December has been slow as often. Kotatsu time :-)


In January I started to train for the Tottori full marathon when I injured myself in one of the first trainings, I was gutted… I think it was the first time in my life I had such a muscle injure. I was running at an easy pace of what was supposed to be a 20k jog when at the 13k mark I felt the shock in my right calf that stopped me suddenly, I could barely walk after then. Luckily I had the phone with me, as I was far from home. I was then forced to rest for few weeks and gave up the Tottori marathon :  I could not have enough training to run it properly in March. I hope to have my revenge next year.

In February I could start to ride the bike again despite the cold but at least we did not have as much as snow as last year.


Around lake Togo : my "home trainer"!

First rides up the mountain.



In March I was offered a new job. That was unexpected and I have been an happy camper as being an independent developer for the last 3 years (cf. Ohayo Studio) but I thought the project was interesting and I can use some of the skills I developed as a blogger [even if this blog has been really infrequently updated for a year]. 

So from March adding to my developer work I have been an "English Content Producer" for the Tottori Prefecture Ecotourism Office.

New Desk

My role is to help the prefecture to promote the natural treasures of Tottori and also to help to organize the International Ecotourism Conference that will take place in October. If you have some interest in the field you can have a look at the English version of the homepage or ask me directly any questions.

Sometimes I work on the move.[Here working from Tourism Office while friends from France were climbing Mt Daisen]

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you can see my regular uploads and see my love for the area. It's a real pleasure to live here, the nature is great but most importantly the people are very friendly. I met a lot of new friends during the past year, my Facebook friends count is growing steadily! ;-)

[New meishi from the Prefecture ( = name card)]

I will surely post also here some of the content we are producing for the prefecture. I am not really experienced at that but we are going to shot regularly some videos. I am learning a lot with Google sensei and I am trying to keep it simple for now. We have already covered the Run or Bike event in Yonago, but I have still some work on the edition before to upload it.


On the 1st of April we opened to the public the Cycle Café system : from now on between Yonago and Daisen a good list of coffee shops are welcoming riders meaning appropriate bike racks, access to tools, smartphone chargers etc…


One of the place is the Cog station in Kaike where you can also rent bikes. That was a very official ceremony with the governor of Tottori did a speech and the rode a loop.



Yes it is very serious!


You see!

As for training I had to adapt my schedule as I have to spend the whole day in Yonago about 3 days a week now. Living home at 7 to be back at 19 on these days.

That's quite a change for me.


On the 7th of April I ran the Shikano quarter marathon like last year. It's a tough course made of a good hill climb and … a descent. I ran the 10.5k in 46'. That was a good surprise as I ran 3 minutes faster than last year despite a rainy and windy day. I finished 33rd / 300 but lost 8 places just in the last k. Bad point is I probably caught a cold or something at the time and got sick for almost 3 weeks…rhaaaa


Anyway now the good days are here and I am enjoying the rides and runs, this is the end of the Golden Week right now [national holidays]. I better to add some swim also as the Yurihama triathlon will come fast now [6 weeks]. I am not decided yet 100% about the other races this year, I have to schedule that quickly too now.

And with a new friend on my running path :-)


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