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Thanks to Gordon Kanki Knight who is a journalist based in Tokyo, I am quite happy to see about 15 photos I shot at the Cycle Mode International "published" on the website of Wallpaper*.

Wallpaper* Cycle Mode

Gordon is also a bicycle lover, fixed gear rider and formerly a track racer. He used to write for bicycle magazines as well, for sure he knows what he is talking about!

As for Wallpaper* if you don't know it, wikipedia says : "Wallpaper (trademarked Wallpaper* with an asterisk) is a Time Inc. magazine focusing on travel, design, entertainment, fashion, and media."

As for their web version :

"Rather than publishing reformatted material from the magazine, it covers breaking news across design, interior, art, architecture, fashion, travel, and technology."

Wallpaper* Cycle Mode

In one word : cool :)

Article is here : Cycle Mode International, Tokyo.

And the photo slide-show here.

I must add that some of the photos are by Gordon himself. You can find him also on twitter.


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