Tokyo Cycle Mode 2010...

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I have these photos of Tokyo Cycle Mode since winter 2010... So obviously, no breaking news in this collection of pics but still I wanted to share them.
I actually took much more than the ones presented here... It's just a sample.

Gitane a used to be French bicycle maker has been bought and is reappearing with some single speed and/or fixed gear bikes.

Same almost for Peugeot, I am not sure but I don't think they are sold in France at the moment.

Mr. Colnago, himself.

Colnago single speed.

Italian makers still at the top.


Milani : A good balance between modernity and tradition.

An other maker playing the tradition card. interesting gear [?!]

Kask, I like their design.

Vintage style also for the shoes by Vittoria

The Fuji Tomato pursuit Model.

Time Trial beast with this Trek.

Lapierre from France, great design.

Masi with a nice collection again, sharing space with Brev.

Strange mounts at Tange booth.

Oldies but Goodies! Danish or German style... I forgot.

Ironman Triathlon "official" brand, awesome but you need to ride at least 38 kph not too be ridiculous on it I guess ;-)

I need a pair...

Urban helmets

Some beautiful Speedwagen bikes associated with the Rapha booth, only high quality here!

Rouleur : great texts with great photos.

Young keirin rider demoing his training, impressive!

Nitto products.

Do you recognize the frame ?

As a kid I had a Aeroburner BMX by Raleigh, I loved this bike. Red and Yellow of course!


One of the best in Japan, well, in the world !  Cherubim.

Anchor : built for the track by Bridgestone

Great booth at Merckx.

Mavic shoes, thinking of it I need a new pair...

Form the entrance, this is only one small part, the venue was quite large. Next I will probably go the Osaka version as it is closer from where I live now.

If you want to see more pics I just uploaded more than 200 of them, see the gallery here : Tokyo Cycle Mode 2010


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