Red Bull Messenger Race in Yokohama

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Here is a selection of about 50 photos (from 600...) I took last week-end at the Red Bull Geared-Up, an alley cat designed for messengers only where they were judged not only on their speed but also on their behavior towards clients, a kind of a role playing game that was quite fun, each messenger had to find something to attract the judges attention.

Sino San during preparation.

The race took place around the Symbol Tower in the port of Yokohama, well-known place it seems among fishermen, they were a lot on the jetty.

Sino's ride  : Kalavinka. Most of messengers I've seen this day were riding road race bike I think, but some ride fixed gear.

On the right Matthieu, only gaijin of the race, French messenger in Tokyo!

Last info.

The judges : Katz(Courier社代表)KMSN(Cyclex社代表)Yanaken(Courio-City社代表)[Order is possibly wrong, sorry if is the case]

Familly Shot

Sino San, first to start.

Few ladies were there!

DJ who performed the whole day! Otsukaresamadeshita!

Trying to inluence the judges :-)

Track stand start.

This is one way to stop a fixed gear, foot on the rear tire.

Spinergy power!

Frenchy represent ;-) !

Yep , steps there was.

Sexysushi's pics from Guatemala messengers World Championship.

Messenger Lady on a fixie

Nice carbon fork

oh oh Go Pro Camera embeded, this will my next toy ladies and gentlemen!

Boss at work!

Fuji bike offered this Roubaix to the winner.

Other gifts by Puma, Oakley, Helmz.

Finale race, team relay this time.

Sino's team won, that was very close.

If I understood well she started to be a messenger 6 month ago...and won a bike! Not bad!

Pleasing the sponsor. Real pros :-)

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