Nutrition advices and a Go Pro Triathlon movie (not by me)

Tags: nutrition, triathlon, gopro

I stumble upon these 2 videos recently. First is by Mara Yamauchi, a marathon runner. She's giving interesting food advices for people doing endurance sports in Japan. Not sure I could eat 6 mochi as she says she does/did before a race though!

Second video is a really cool use of a Go Pro Camera to promote Triathlon. For sure it's more difficult to do/communicate than all these crazy snowboards/surf/MTB downhill (etc...) videos. [I mean it's less graphic. Note that I am a big fan of those too]. So, well done and good choice of music!

That's all! 

[Where I ran this morning, Togo Lake... yep it's not strait as I was... running]


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