BMX Video - Cycle Mode International

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Saturday, I went to the Cycle Mode event in Tokyo, it is the largest bicycle showcase in Japan. Makers came from everywhere in the world.

It was great and as you might guess, I took hundreds of photos with the Nikon D5000. Some of the photos should be published in a web magazine but I prefer to wait it's done to talk about it here :).

I also met many people, some I knew like Tomity San the Keirin Ambassador or Stephan Forest who is leading the French-Japanese road race team, NFCC.

BMX at Tokyo Cycle Mode International 2009

[difficult to shoot good action photos without an appropriate lens... Santa Claus can you hear me?]

I will develop more about the event in articles to come (still a lot of work to sort the photos...), but for now here is a video I shoot of the BMX riders in action.

BMX at Tokyo Cycle Mode 2009 from Jérôme Sadou on Vimeo.

[It's one of my first try to edit a video... So I did it the easy way using just iMovie (and an old version of it...). The sound is quite horrible and I did not have a tripod so...well...]


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