Starting the year enjoying the reading/looking at the photo book Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin. I had an eye on this one for a while (it was published 2 years ago I think). It is a beautiful object, well crafted with a great selection of photographies. Some well known, many much less. I’ve got myself the Japanese edition (of course :-) in a classy red cover.
I enjoy particularly the more candid pictures of the band members and the few ones in their private sphere (interesting to see what kind of audio equipment they had etc...). It is nice also that they included few pictures of their trip to Japan and particularly Hiroshima.
I think I read somewhere that they each bought themselves some slr cameras here during their visit and then used them in their other trips too (India maybe?)

I wonder which Nikon camera Robert Plant is handling on this shinkansen plateform in Kyōto.

Oh, and happy new year, 明けましておめでとうございます!

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