So @canae_nakayama and I moved again! 🚚

First thing was to set-up my home office for work. Going for a mainly standing position this time, but the setup is going to evolve a lot, this is just a temporary solution with what I have at the moment.

We are going to live in the cute town/village/borough (?) of Obi⛩, Nichinan. A place with an old history and glorious times in south Kyushu, now a mainly quiet and a bit of touristic place.

After moving 3 times in a year (for good reasons a couple of times and once because of a bad experience) I hope this time we are in for a longer run!

Obi (飫肥) seems to be an easy place to raise a child too with all the necessary facilities at a walking or short ride distance (not often the case in Japan countryside, with depopulation).

Bonus, it is also a good starting point for cycling 🚴 adventures with mountains ⛰ just outside of the town and the coastline 🏝not too far for the occasional 🏄 surfing session.

Since Jules 👶 birth we have been super busy with him as you can imagine, plus I started a new job in August and we were looking for a new house. pfff... 😮

That’s why I was not very active around here, but I am looking forward to sharing about our new area.

Finally, the good season is starting now here. I have some DIY ideas 🗜for the house and my desk setup and also running outside 🏃‍♂️became bearable. Woot!

All in all, more to share soon!


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