Tag : mootools

  • This week javascript little hacks

    Posted on : 2008-07-31

    This week, I encountered two little problems that can take time to fix if you don't search with the proper keywords on google. First bug occured in Firefox 3...yes in Firefox 3! I just created an a...

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  • Mocha UI - A Canvas User Interface Framework

    Posted on : 2008-07-12

    I've been using Mootools for about one year now and find it a great javascript framework. But this week I found one more reason to like it : mochaui.com by Greg Houston. It's not new, but I di...

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  • Geeky introduction to the blog!

    Posted on : 2008-07-02

    First I chose to develop my own system so I can customize everything as I want... and also because I enjoy coding. I used the php/mysql couple for the server side coding (nothing unusual, when I 'l...

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