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  • Triathlon d'Hawai à Yurihama

    Posté le : 2012-06-18

    Good news : I am officially a triathlete again.Bad news : That was my worst time ever :-) But not worst ranking tho...

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  • Velo : Tour de Daisen 2012

    Posté le : 2012-06-06

    Tour de Daisen - results hereTwo weeks ago, I participated to the Tour de Daisen for the first time. It's not officially...

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  • Osaka Cyclemode 2011 - Triathlon bikes

    Posté le : 2011-11-15

    Last Saturday I took the train at 6AM for a day in Osaka, needless to say it is very unusual I wake up before the sun in...

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  • Random Bicycles from 2011

    Posté le : 2011-11-09

    I just found this folder of pics that I collected through the year. As I am living now in the countryside I have, needle...

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  • Kaike - Daisen Exciting Tour !

    Posté le : 2011-11-06

    Last week I was kindly invited by the Tourism and International Affair Division of the Western Tottori General Office Ci...

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  • Hill Climb in Daisen - Bicycle Race

    Posté le : 2011-10-24

    Results here : Hill Climb in Daisen - ResultsOn October 16, I took part in the Hill Climb in Daisen. An event organized...

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