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  • The Road to Hawai, with one 'i'! ;-)

    Posted on : 2014-07-13

    Last post let us in November (phew...) when I ran the Shodoshima half-marathon. Since then was the usual winter break and spring back to training : with no competition before April and a tougher weath...

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  • Sprint Triathlon as a Training

    Posted on : 2013-06-08

    This morning I raced myself on a home-made sprint triathlon in order to test myself and prepare next week Olympic Distance triathlon of Yurihama in Hawai Cho that I also ran last year (I am living jus...

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  • Triathlon Training a Year After

    Posted on : 2012-08-05

    Hello mid-summer and the not mid-temperatures!Almost 10PM here and it's still 30 deg. Celsius out thereā€¦ In the day time from 10AM it's about 33-36 deg. with humidity : not a nice weather to practice...

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  • Strava - Rapha Rising Challenge

    Posted on : 2012-07-22

    This week of training was a bit unusual for me as I took part in the Rapha Rising Challenge - Circle of Death.What is it ?Well, between 15/07/2012 and 22/07/2012 the goal was to Climb 6,881 meter...

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  • Triathlon training, the first 2 months

    Posted on : 2011-10-11

    Already more than 2 months have passed since I've started to train again.First month I focused on short distances on running, with 7 sessions around 5-6 km just trying to keep a constant rhythm but ne...

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  • Back to Training, seriously.

    Posted on : 2011-09-04

    This is has been a many times failed project during the last 5 years. Many times I thought : "ok this year I will train well and will race triathlons", it never happened.Before to live in Japan I was...

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  • Fuji Project - Training

    Posted on : 2010-07-19

    Training is going on pretty well. Yes, the heat makes it harder but anyway it will be hot also on d-day. I do running, cycling and even some swimming sessions. Cross training is the best to get back i...

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