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  • The Road to Hawai, with one 'i'! ;-)

    Posted on : 2014-07-13

    Last post let us in November (phew...) when I ran the Shodoshima half-marathon. Since then was the usual winter break and spring back to training : with no competition before April and a tougher weath...

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  • Ekiden, Triathlon, Daisen Climb and Half-Marathon

    Posted on : 2013-08-11

    These are my next objectives for the second part of the year. But to begin with, a short report on a couple of running races in which I participated after the MontBell Sea to Summit. First the Suika...

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  • Ecotourism in Tottori and more

    Posted on : 2013-07-06

    I have not blogged about anything else than my sporty adventures for a long time (but I have been uploading stuff on Instagram or Google+ regularly if you are interested) so this time I am going to ta...

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  • Hawai Triathlon in Yurihama 2013

    Posted on : 2013-07-06

    Update : Here is the video report by the local TV, you can spot me few times :-) And also the whole results.On June 16th, I completed the Olympic Distance triathlon of Hawai in Yurihama just near wher...

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  • Sprint Triathlon as a Training

    Posted on : 2013-06-08

    This morning I raced myself on a home-made sprint triathlon in order to test myself and prepare next week Olympic Distance triathlon of Yurihama in Hawai Cho that I also ran last year (I am living jus...

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  • What I've been up to!

    Posted on : 2013-05-06

    Latest blog entry is from August last year. Better to compile here some stuff before I forgot about it (I will read this blog when I'll be 80y.o, if there will be still a trace of it somewhere that sa...

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  • Hawai Triathlon in Yurihama Report

    Posted on : 2012-06-18

    Good news : I am officially a triathlete again.Bad news : That was my worst time ever :-) But not worst ranking though. [See all results here][On Saturday, pre race day meeting, with a reminder o...

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  • Kaike - Daisen Exciting Tour !

    Posted on : 2011-11-06

    Last week I was kindly invited by the Tourism and International Affair Division of the Western Tottori General Office Citizen's Bureau (yes, a long name:-).The purpose of this invitation was to partic...

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  • Triathlon training, the first 2 months

    Posted on : 2011-10-11

    Already more than 2 months have passed since I've started to train again.First month I focused on short distances on running, with 7 sessions around 5-6 km just trying to keep a constant rhythm but ne...

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  • Back to Training, seriously.

    Posted on : 2011-09-04

    This is has been a many times failed project during the last 5 years. Many times I thought : "ok this year I will train well and will race triathlons", it never happened.Before to live in Japan I was...

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  • Tottori Prefecture

    Posted on : 2009-12-04

    Before the monkeys of Nagano, we were as you might know (if you read the blog or my twitter account;) in Tottori Ken. Tottori is the birth place of my wife so through the past years I have bee...

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  • Silver week in Tottori

    Posted on : 2009-09-24

    I am currently enjoying the Silver Week in Tottori Ken. My only connection to the Internet is my iPhone one so even if I can use the tethering (non officially supported) function with my Mac to surf t...

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  • Daisen - Tottori - Japan

    Posted on : 2008-12-05

    [Photo by hfossli, his Flickr]. Daisen (大山, the Big Mountain) is the highest peak of Tottori with 1710m (and largest mountain in western Japan) and is one of the main attractive spot of Tottori...

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  • Food in Tottori -Japan

    Posted on : 2008-12-03

    I spent the last week in Tottori Ken, a prefecture in the west of Japan along the Sea of Japan. This is one of the first places I visited in Japan (as a wwoofer in 2005) and for some reasons I come b...

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  • One Week in Tottori - Japan

    Posted on : 2008-11-30

    Came back to Yokohama this morning from a one week holiday in Tottori Prefecture. I am now sorting pictures, and preparing blog posts. More to come in the next days!

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