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  • Random Bicycles from 2011

    Posted on : 2011-11-09

    I just found this folder of pics that I collected through the year. As I am living now in the countryside I have, needless to say (way) less opportunities to stumble upon cool bikes... So this kind of...

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  • Asakusa Sanja Matsuri - Dog and Sake

    Posted on : 2010-05-19

    A quick post with : a cool dog : (I want one like this)And a video shot at arm's length : Japanese Tea Ceremony is well known all over the world. May I introduce you to to their Sake Ceremony :)

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  • Todorokikeikoku, A nice Oasis in Tokyo

    Posted on : 2010-05-15

    Looking for green in Tokyo ? Not difficult actually, there are many parcs and even with a bit of train you are quickly in the mountains. For example Takao San is about 1h from Shinjuku... I don't even...

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  • Tokyo Fix iPhone App

    Posted on : 2010-05-10

    Today I downloaded the Tokyo Fix iPhone App. It was released just recently by Ollie Magazine, a street culture mag it seems. The app costs 230 yen which is reasonable. Here are some screen-shots showi...

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  • Freelance in Japan and new Mac Book Pro

    Posted on : 2010-04-29

    After a little bit more than 3 years at Samurai Factory, I am now working as a freelancer (the ultimate goal is to be able to work from anywhere but that's an other story). I first thought it would be...


  • Fixed in Japan

    Posted on : 2010-04-07

    Cleaning up my folders I stumbled upon  these photos and I wondered why I haven't uploaded yet them...well here they are! Some photos were taken as far as last October so don't mind please... Any...


  • Handmade Bicycle Fair Tokyo 2010

    Posted on : 2010-01-19

    Like last year I went to the Handmade Bicycle Fair of Tokyo this last Saturday. I would say that the usual suspects were there. So it's cool to see the works done by the craft men but it's also a g...

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  • Bicycle Film Festival - Tokyo

    Posted on : 2009-11-21

    Yesterday evening was the opening party for the BFF 2009 in Tokyo. It took places at Combine in Daikan Yama which was perfect for me as I had to be in the neighborhood around this time :) He...

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  • SekidoBashi Bicycle Market Part 2

    Posted on : 2009-10-23

    The market welcomes any kind of bicycles but as they are (still / more and more ?) popular, fixed gear bikes (ピストバイク=pist bike) are quite numerous to see. So here are some of them :) [Do...

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  • Reminder : Sekido Bashi Flea Market

    Posted on : 2009-10-16

    Tomorrow will take place the Sekido Bashi flea market, if you are around Tokyo, don't miss it! More info in my previous articles : Sekido Bashi Bicycle Flea Market. See you there!


  • Tokyo Fixed Gear

    Posted on : 2009-09-29

    As I was busy far from Tokyo I completely missed the CMWC, which is quite frustrating, and so, I have nothing to show about it... :/ I guess like me you found blogs and flickr accounts covering it....


  • Blue Lug

    Posted on : 2009-08-27

    Photos taken few weeks ago, Blue Lug is one of the most famous/popular fixed gear shop in Tokyo. Anything on your shopping list ? :)

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  • Fixies in the Night of Tokyo

    Posted on : 2009-08-08

    No it's not Christmas, but here is the second post of the day! I recently enjoyed some night walks in the streets of Tokyo. I go to different neighborhoods but anywhere I go I notice som...


  • CMWC TOKYO 2009

    Posted on : 2009-07-07

    Tokyo will host this year the Cycle Messenger World Championships, it will take place on 19-23,26th of September. Already many riders registered but there's still lots of room! I found this...

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  • Tokyo CGM Night Report

    Posted on : 2009-02-07

    I went yesterday at the Tokyo CGM Night organized by Danny Choo, and Andrew Shuttleworth : A meeting aiming at "gathering the leaders in CGM - bloggers, YouTubers, Social Networkers an...

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  • Tokyo CGM Night

    Posted on : 2009-02-06

    Just back from Tokyo CGM Night organized by Danny Choo. More to come tomorrow time for bed here... Yep...it's me, he made me join the dark side....he he

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  • Tokyo Handmade Bicycle Fair

    Posted on : 2009-01-17

    Yesterday I went to the Tokyo Handmade Bicycle Fair. I thought of a quite big event but it's actually a rather small organization. It took place at the Museum of Science just next to the Emperor Palac...

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  • Ikebukuro, Tokyo

    Posted on : 2008-12-25

    For the last 2 years, I've been working in Ikebukuro near Kita Guchi (North Entrance) but it's going to change next week as our office will move to Shibuya Ku near Shinsen station. So I think it's...

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