Tag : Single speed

  • Fixies in the Night of Tokyo

    Posted on : 2009-08-08

    No it's not Christmas, but here is the second post of the day! I recently enjoyed some night walks in the streets of Tokyo. I go to different neighborhoods but anywhere I go I notice som...


  • Fuji Feather Fixed Gear

    Posted on : 2009-03-20

    Last week I received my new fixed gear bike. I chose to buy a new one as a second hand ones costs more ... I know that living in Japan I "should" ride a Nagasawa or Watanabe or at least a Pa...


  • Fixie start at Harajuku crossing, by Joi Ito

    Posted on : 2008-12-17

    Just found this short cool video by Joi Ito. More news soon about fixed gear. Last posts about it were about the Sekido bashi bicycle market, it was 2 months ago!... pfff... anyone to slow down time?...

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