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  • Tokyo Cycle Mode 2010...

    Posted on : 2011-09-01

    I have these photos of Tokyo Cycle Mode since winter 2010... So obviously, no breaking news in this collection of pics but still I wanted to share them.I actually took much more than the ones presente...

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  • Tokyo Shop Visit : Dreamworks Cycles

    Posted on : 2010-11-03

    I visited the shop few weeks ago, I used to work really close to it but not any more so it has been a while since my last visit. I thought you might like to see what there is in this incredible shop....

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  • Evening ride and Bicycle Shops in Yokohama.

    Posted on : 2010-09-27

    Saturday evening I took the Feather for a ride in Yokohama, a little bit everywhere from Minato Mirai to the heights of Yamate.It was a very pleasant night.I took the Nikon D5000 with me and shoot few...

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  • Japanese Sneakers Supermarket

    Posted on : 2009-10-26

    I know I still have a photo article about the bicycle market to upload but as I promised a while ago, here is my visit to one of the sneaker supermarkets in Japan, an ABC Mart, we can find them a litt...

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  • Blue Lug

    Posted on : 2009-08-27

    Photos taken few weeks ago, Blue Lug is one of the most famous/popular fixed gear shop in Tokyo. Anything on your shopping list ? :)

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  • Fixed Gear in Tokyu Hands

    Posted on : 2009-08-08

    Hi everyone, isn't it cool to ride in the summer time? It's been a while I posted some fixed gear stuff around here... Well for now, nothing crazy, just few shots I took in a department store...

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  • Sexon Super Peace

    Posted on : 2009-03-23

    Visit last week at Sexon Super Peace (www.sexonpista.com). I am working in Shibuya near Shinsen station and in the neighborhood there are 3 shops selling fixed gear stuff, this one is the largest (wel...

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