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  • Kurashiki Triathlon Race Report

    Posted on : 2014-10-05

    My second Olympic distance triathlon of the year took place on September the 14th in Kurashiki. More precisely in and around Kojima Boat Race Stadium a bit at the south of the old city. The place is...

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  • Hawai Triathlon in Yurihama 2014

    Posted on : 2014-07-22

    This is the race report for the Hawai Triathlon in Yurihama that took place one month ago... better later than never. So here we are, the regional Olympic Distance "World Championship"! The only OD...

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  • Shodoshima Half-Marathon Report - but not only

    Posted on : 2013-12-07

    In November I had planned two half-marathons. Nakaumi marathon on the 1st of November which was supposed to be a ’rehearsal’ before the ’real’ thing in Shodoshima (because I had not run long race for...

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  • Yonago-Tottori City Ekiden Report

    Posted on : 2013-11-16

    Last week-end was the main ekiden taking place in the prefecture of Tottori. This ekiden is called Beicho(米鳥) a word made of the 1st Kanji of Yonago (米子) and the first Kanji of Tottori (鳥取). This runn...

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  • Hill Climb in Daisen 2013 Report

    Posted on : 2013-10-30

    Three weeks ago I participated to the Daisen Hillclimb race. That was my third participation already![Arriving early morning to get the race number plate etc...]Yes, time is flying! For my first parti...

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  • Greenpark Kasai Triathlon 2013 Report

    Posted on : 2013-10-12

    Two weeks ago was the third edition of the Green park Kasai Triathlon in Hyogo prefecture. But only the second one to take place as last year's one was cancelled because of a typhoon. This year weath...

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  • Tottori Central Division Ekiden Report

    Posted on : 2013-09-16

    Yesterday was the 67th Tottori Prefecture Central Division Ekiden. 18 teams were represented, 10 in the 'City' category, 4 in the High-School one and 4 in the 'General' one (companies, Post Office etc...

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  • Ekiden, Triathlon, Daisen Climb and Half-Marathon

    Posted on : 2013-08-11

    These are my next objectives for the second part of the year. But to begin with, a short report on a couple of running races in which I participated after the MontBell Sea to Summit. First the Suika...

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  • Mont-Bell Sea To Summit in Hokkaido

    Posted on : 2013-07-23

    During the week-end of June 23th I could participate to the Sea To Summit race in Hokkaido organized by Mont-Bell. A Sea to Summit race by MontBell is a multi-sport event combining kayak then bicycl...

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  • Hawai Triathlon in Yurihama 2013

    Posted on : 2013-07-06

    Update : Here is the video report by the local TV, you can spot me few times :-) And also the whole results.On June 16th, I completed the Olympic Distance triathlon of Hawai in Yurihama just near wher...

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  • Sagishima Triathlon Trip and Race Report

    Posted on : 2012-08-24

    I was looking forward racing again after my 'come-back' to triathlon competition in June. I missed the limit date to register for Kurashiki triathlon in Okayama in July that was stupid… Actually I mis...

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  • Hawai Triathlon in Yurihama Report

    Posted on : 2012-06-18

    Good news : I am officially a triathlete again.Bad news : That was my worst time ever :-) But not worst ranking though. [See all results here][On Saturday, pre race day meeting, with a reminder o...

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  • Cycling : Tour de Daisen 2012

    Posted on : 2012-06-06

    Tour de Daisen - results hereTwo weeks ago, I participated to the Tour de Daisen for the first time. It's not officially a cycling race but let's say if you want to compete with others you can:-)The e...

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  • Hill Climb in Daisen - Bicycle Race

    Posted on : 2011-10-24

    Results here : Hill Climb in Daisen - ResultsOn October 16, I took part in the Hill Climb in Daisen. An event organized by the Tottori Cycling Association. Not officially a race, as the road was not c...

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