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  • Volunteering in Ishinomaki

    Posted on : 2011-06-08

    Last week-end my wife and I joined Dan Castellano and some of his friends to do some volunteering in Ishinomaki with the NGO JEN. Ishinomaki is a port and one of the cities that have been the mos...

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  • 6 months

    Posted on : 2011-05-30

    After 6 months away from the blog, I was not sure where to start again. I'm going for the easy solution :  a summary of these 6 past months.I use also this blog to remember what I've been up to a...

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  • Everyday Life in Japan 9 - A Japanese Summer

    Posted on : 2010-08-22

    Well it is more about *my* Japanese summer...How's your summer?Here it's probably my hottest summer since I've been living in Japan. It 's the first year the lack of AC is bit of a problem at home.I a...

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  • Learning to play Shamisen - 1

    Posted on : 2010-05-23

    How to play  Shamisen was something I wanted to learn even before I start to live in Japan. Well, it actually took some time, but today I had my first lesson! Yeah !!I am a guitar player (well, I...

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  • Everyday life in Japan 8

    Posted on : 2010-05-08

    I just realized that the last episode of "Everyday Life in Japan" was as far as December! As Homer Simpson would say : "D'oh!" Yep, time is flying!!So it is much time for my random mix of snapshots in...

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  • Sayonara Samurai Factory

    Posted on : 2010-01-31

    [*] He he In September 2006 I decided to come to live in Japan... Well let's say, to try it. It was my third time to come to Japan. I was over 30 years old so had no possibility to apply for a wor...

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  • From 2009 to 2010

    Posted on : 2010-01-14

    Wow wow wow... Already the 14th of January. Veeeery slow start for the blog this year, sorry for that, as an excuse I will use the famous one : "I was busy" if you don't mind. So, well, it is kind of...

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  • Everyday Life in Japan - 7

    Posted on : 2009-12-16

    No, I did not give up on this series of "Everyday Life in Japan". Last one was quite a while though, so the following is a collection of photos taken the last 2 months. As usual here, no real common...


  • Traditional Wedding in Japan

    Posted on : 2009-11-08

    First I want to apologize for the last 15 days without any updates here. Thing is, my wife and I got our wedding ceremony the first of November. I talked about this already a little bit last year (if...


  • Everyday Life in Japan - 6

    Posted on : 2009-10-08

    These photos were taken during August and at the beginning of September, this is a last taste of summer 2009 (right now (1:45 AM) we are in a middle of a typhoon, heavy rain ... worse forecast is expe...

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  • Silver week in Tottori

    Posted on : 2009-09-24

    I am currently enjoying the Silver Week in Tottori Ken. My only connection to the Internet is my iPhone one so even if I can use the tethering (non officially supported) function with my Mac to surf t...

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  • Japanese Spiders

    Posted on : 2009-09-17

    Japanese Spiderman in 1978. Clearly I am not a big fan of spiders unless they are huge and mechanical like the ones we could enjoy seeing last spring in Yokohama : It was La Machine, a w...

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  • 09/09/09 09:09:09

    Posted on : 2009-09-09

    Do only geeks enjoy this kind of timestamp? ^_^ Photo taken at this moment : ...yes...It was communting time for me, so, well, here's a glimpse of morning train in Japan!

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  • Everyday Life in Japan - 5

    Posted on : 2009-08-22

    Still hot here in Japan, well it's August then... Last article of this series has been really popular : seen something between 35000 and 50000 times depending of the tracking tools... Thanks to stumbl...


  • Self-service cashier in supermarket

    Posted on : 2009-07-21


  • Everyday Life in Japan - 4

    Posted on : 2009-07-19

    A little bit more than one month since my last article of the "Everyday Life in Japan" serie. So prepare for a big mix of photos! Let's start with some shots taken at Daikanyama. It's a qui...


  • How I came to live in Japan

    Posted on : 2009-06-21

    I receive from time to time e-mails from readers who want to know how I happened to live in Japan etc... So here are answers to the most common questions. [Comrade trecker during Daisen climbing...

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  • Everyday Life in Japan - 2

    Posted on : 2009-04-29

    Second episode of this "Everyday Life in Japan" series. If you missed the first one it was few weeks ago : Everyday Life in Japan 1. Here we go again for a big mix : End of Hanami :...

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