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  • Osaka Cyclemode 2011 - Triathlon bikes

    Posted on : 2011-11-15

    Last Saturday I took the train at 6AM for a day in Osaka, needless to say it is very unusual I wake up before the sun in Japan but that was worth it.My plan was to visit the Cyclemode show in Osaka. P...

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  • Fuji Tomato Pursuit 2011 and Co.

    Posted on : 2010-09-22

    I usually only display pictures I've taken myself but this time I stole the following pics from http://hashirin.com/ so please check also this homepage (in Japanese) for a complete review of the Fuji...

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  • Fuji Project Report

    Posted on : 2010-09-05

    Report took almost as much time as the challenge itself but here it is!Saturday the 28th of August I left Yokohama at around 7AM to go to the Fuji San, a 140km ride and then climb the volcano. To make...

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  • Fuji Project - Training

    Posted on : 2010-07-19

    Training is going on pretty well. Yes, the heat makes it harder but anyway it will be hot also on d-day. I do running, cycling and even some swimming sessions. Cross training is the best to get back i...

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  • Fuji Project

    Posted on : 2010-07-12

    For a few weeks now I've been thinking about a project for this summer. A sporty one. My goal is to start from 0m, Yokohama altitude to the top of Japan, the Mount Fuji, 3776 m.In one day an...