Tag : Ekiden

  • Yonago-Tottori City Ekiden Report

    Posted on : 2013-11-16

    Last week-end was the main ekiden taking place in the prefecture of Tottori. This ekiden is called Beicho(米鳥) a word made of the 1st Kanji of Yonago (米子) and the first Kanji of Tottori (鳥取). This runn...

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  • Tottori Central Division Ekiden Report

    Posted on : 2013-09-16

    Yesterday was the 67th Tottori Prefecture Central Division Ekiden. 18 teams were represented, 10 in the 'City' category, 4 in the High-School one and 4 in the 'General' one (companies, Post Office etc...

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