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  • Tokyo Cycle Mode 2010...

    Posted on : 2011-09-01

    I have these photos of Tokyo Cycle Mode since winter 2010... So obviously, no breaking news in this collection of pics but still I wanted to share them.I actually took much more than the ones presente...

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  • Cycle Mode Tokyo

    Posted on : 2010-02-06

    Finally I uploaded a selection of my photos taken at the Cycle Mode Tokyo in December 2009. About 80 of them. I wanted to make it in several parts but hardly found the time to do it. I only did for 2...

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  • Italian Bicycles

    Posted on : 2009-12-23

    More photos taken at Cycle Mode, today I will focus on Italian brands that caught my eyes. This first one was simply wonderful, design, color, I love it! With nice wheels to go with it...

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  • Fuji bikes at Cycle Mode

    Posted on : 2009-12-17

    As you know I have a Fuji Feather bike and I am quite happy with it : I use it every day to go and back from home to the station. It is always parked outside since the day I bought it and is still in...

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  • BMX Video - Cycle Mode International

    Posted on : 2009-12-14

    Saturday, I went to the Cycle Mode event in Tokyo, it is the largest bicycle showcase in Japan. Makers came from everywhere in the world. It was great and as you might guess, I took hundreds of pho...

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