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  • Street Photography in Yokohama

    Posted on : 2009-03-04

    Beautiful day today in Tokyo. It's been a while! Last 2 weeks where in a "Normandy weather mode". This is just a quick post with some street photos I added to the Yokohama album in the gallery....

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  • Yokohama Photos

    Posted on : 2009-02-26

    I've just set-up a new album in my photo gallery. Simply entitled "Yokohama"... Living in this city, I think it's the least I can do. This gallery should be regularly updated. Especially with photos...

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  • Sébastien Tellier in Tokyo - Canonet Photos

    Posted on : 2008-12-11

    More shots from Sébastien Tellier's Live, last month in Tokyo Midtown. Taken with my vintage Canonet GIII QL17, that's why they come late... Sébastien Tellier is a real showman, he can sing blinde...

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  • Film Photography in Japan

    Posted on : 2008-11-07

    Something cool in the land of photography (a.k.a Japan) is that we can still enjoy film photography like before the digital era. As you can see : the choice of films is still incredible! F...

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  • Bicycle Flea Market Canonet Photos

    Posted on : 2008-10-29

    Here are the photos taken with my Canonet at the bicycle flea market 2 weeks ago.I did not plan this visit and already loaded before a black and white film. So sorry, no colorful bikes this time....

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