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  • Hill Climb in Daisen 2013 Report

    Posted on : 2013-10-30

    Three weeks ago I participated to the Daisen Hillclimb race. That was my third participation already![Arriving early morning to get the race number plate etc...]Yes, time is flying! For my first parti...

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  • Cycling : Tour de Daisen 2012

    Posted on : 2012-06-06

    Tour de Daisen - results hereTwo weeks ago, I participated to the Tour de Daisen for the first time. It's not officially a cycling race but let's say if you want to compete with others you can:-)The e...

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  • Kaike - Daisen Exciting Tour !

    Posted on : 2011-11-06

    Last week I was kindly invited by the Tourism and International Affair Division of the Western Tottori General Office Citizen's Bureau (yes, a long name:-).The purpose of this invitation was to partic...

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  • Hill Climb in Daisen - Bicycle Race

    Posted on : 2011-10-24

    Results here : Hill Climb in Daisen - ResultsOn October 16, I took part in the Hill Climb in Daisen. An event organized by the Tottori Cycling Association. Not officially a race, as the road was not c...

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  • GoPro HD on Bicycle - Morning Commute

    Posted on : 2010-12-09

    Oooops...one month without any update, I think it's my "record" this year... It's not that I don't have anything to upload on the contrary but I was busy at work with UltraSuperNew building stuff for...

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  • Tokyo Shop Visit : Dreamworks Cycles

    Posted on : 2010-11-03

    I visited the shop few weeks ago, I used to work really close to it but not any more so it has been a while since my last visit. I thought you might like to see what there is in this incredible shop....

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  • Hama Bike - Party Time

    Posted on : 2010-10-16

    Today I spent the day in Yokohama near the Symbol Tower, deep in the port of Yokohama where took place the Geared Up event.A kind of race for pro messengers supported by Red Bull and other brands for...

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  • Hama Bike : Girls GoldSprint Video

    Posted on : 2010-10-10

    Everything is in the title!Winner was even faster than some guys :-)

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  • Hama Bike - Day Time

    Posted on : 2010-10-09

    This is the "Photo report" from last week bicycle event in Yokohama. (announced here last month). A very good opportunity to see cool bikes of any kind; of course I got particularly my eyes on the pis...

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  • Evening ride and Bicycle Shops in Yokohama.

    Posted on : 2010-09-27

    Saturday evening I took the Feather for a ride in Yokohama, a little bit everywhere from Minato Mirai to the heights of Yamate.It was a very pleasant night.I took the Nikon D5000 with me and shoot few...

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  • Past and Upcoming Bicycle Events

    Posted on : 2010-09-19

    Last August I went to 2 bike events :One was in Omotesando, it was a mini bicycle market organized next to an organic farm market.Tomity San, Keirin Ambassador and young retired of the pro racing life...


  • Bicycle Shops in Yokohama

    Posted on : 2010-06-19

    It's been a while that I uploaded some bicycle related article here. So time to catch up a little bit. [an other article should follow tomorrow or monday]As I needed to buy some new tubes I visited th...

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  • Cycle Mode Tokyo

    Posted on : 2010-02-06

    Finally I uploaded a selection of my photos taken at the Cycle Mode Tokyo in December 2009. About 80 of them. I wanted to make it in several parts but hardly found the time to do it. I only did for 2...

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  • Handmade Bicycle Fair Tokyo 2010

    Posted on : 2010-01-19

    Like last year I went to the Handmade Bicycle Fair of Tokyo this last Saturday. I would say that the usual suspects were there. So it's cool to see the works done by the craft men but it's also a g...

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  • Italian Bicycles

    Posted on : 2009-12-23

    More photos taken at Cycle Mode, today I will focus on Italian brands that caught my eyes. This first one was simply wonderful, design, color, I love it! With nice wheels to go with it...

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  • Wallpaper*

    Posted on : 2009-12-19

    Thanks to Gordon Kanki Knight who is a journalist based in Tokyo, I am quite happy to see about 15 photos I shot at the Cycle Mode International "published" on the website of Wallpaper*. Gordon...

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  • BMX Video - Cycle Mode International

    Posted on : 2009-12-14

    Saturday, I went to the Cycle Mode event in Tokyo, it is the largest bicycle showcase in Japan. Makers came from everywhere in the world. It was great and as you might guess, I took hundreds of pho...

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  • BFF Tokyo 2009

    Posted on : 2009-11-22

    I could not attend all the film projections but I've seen some very good ones! Thanks a lot to Brendt Barbur, Founding Director of the festival. I was in the audience for 2 programs, number 4 e...

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