Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

Waiting for wifey to finish her work in Daikanyama, I visited this shop.

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

When I first came to Japan in 2005, in Osaka, I was amazed by the diversity of the sneaker models one could see. Of course coming from a French provincial city it was different, there was not such a choice in our local shops (It surely has changed since).
Especially I was surprised by the Limited Japanese Editions, the design and color were quite different from what I was used to see, much more creative.

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

This is what they have to show in this shop, for most of the models I think you can buy them in any country but still now there are some Limited Editions.

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

I am not sure how they are really limited editions though, I mean with the Internet it must be easy to buy them from any place; I guess...

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

What do you think? any model that you never saw before?

By the way, the Samba model got a "fixie" treatment with this brown model :

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

(picture from Sneaker Freaker seen at

I am not exactly sure of the fixed gear specificity of this shoe but at least it looks good to me. And obviously it proves one more time the interest of the big brands for the movement. (if it can push people to ride more bikes and use less car it would be great... why not, but I am a little bit skeptical...)

More colors :

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

And some vintage models :

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

Sneakers in Japan - Adidas

Nice shop and thanks to the staff who let me to take pictures. (I can't count the number of times I got the ダメ [dame] sign, - arms crossed meaning : "definitely no").

Maybe next time I should go to a Japanese brand shop also (like Onitsuka), to compare the creativity.

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By baroccogiapponese At 2009-09-24 22:27:20

I love the first picture model! Maybe not so specifique pour le pignon fixe, mais not bad! And, of course off limits for me: my size is 30 (45 in France and Italy). No chances to find shoes in the usual shops and even less chances in the cool shops like this Adidas store in Daikanyama!
I sometimes use the very basic Adidas model Stan Smith: it's one of the few models that fit my size and I can manage to find in japanese stores. When I use my fixed bike, it's not bad at all!

By Jérome At 2009-09-26 20:11:20
from Kamaya Cho

Hey Ciao!

45 ! man you are a giant ! ;-)

Have you seen the last news on ? Quite cool I think !

By baroccogiapponese At 2009-09-28 02:56:21

ahah! Yes I'm a sort of giant!
I didn't know the blog! It's cool, thanks for the link!

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