Japanese Spiders

Japanese Spiderman in 1978.

Clearly I am not a big fan of spiders unless they are huge and mechanical like the ones we could enjoy seeing last spring in Yokohama :

Japanese Spiders

Japanese Spiders

It was La Machine, a wonderful street show.( more pictures)

Though, I did not like them, I got used to see the small jumping spiders in the apartment from time to time. I find them almost cute...

Japanese Spiders

I knew there were quite big species of spiders in Japan, but I thought they were only living in the countryside... Wrong!
Going to the toilet, this is what I saw :

Japanese Spiders

My heart stopped for a second. So, yeah, if you are living in some tropical country with huge spiders you can laugh at me. But coming from Normandy I had never seen such a big spider before (I mean for real and not in a zoo and ... in my toilet).

Japanese Spiders

As you can see, to add to my fear, it is inside the house, I guess the net has some big hole somewhere :) Distance between each bar is about 12 cm if you wonder (4.7 inches). If you are brave you can click the photo to enjoy details...:)

I called my wife who had then a big laugh at me : when she was a kid she "used" one of these as a pet... She told me that this one was not so big and not dangerous at all... well, still I don't like spiders!

By the way and quite unrelated, if you walked in Harajuku recently you may have seen the Japanese Spiderman : business must be slow for him lately as he is selling iPhones during a part-time job... Ganbare J-Spiderman :)

Japanese Spiders

Japanese Spiders

Japanese Spiders

When he was at the top :

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By Pauline At 2009-09-20 03:56:22
from Toulouse ,Etudiante

Etudiantes en licence professionnelle ressources humaines et mobilité internationale, nous recherchons des salariés français expatriés au Japon dans le cadre de leur travail, afin de nous apporter leur témoignage sur leur expatriation japonaise. Si vous souhaitez nous parler de votre expérience, nous vous invitons à  nous écrire à  : licencepro.grhmi@gmail.com En vous remerciant, nous vous souhaitons une bonne continuation au Japon.

By Jérome At 2009-09-20 08:35:18
from Ekita, Tottori ,soon sleeping

Bonjour Pauline,

mmm pourquoi pas. Mais je ne suis pas exactement un "français expatrié au Japon dans le cadre de son travail". Ce n'est pas mon travail qui m'a envoyé au Japon... J'y suis venu puis j'y ai trouvé un emploi, je ne sais pas si c'est important pour votre étude cependant. Je vous répondrai plus tard par mail car je suis en vacance! :)

By pchan At 2009-10-07 02:57:34


Balà¨ze l'araignée des toilettes. Je me rappelle avoir fait une rencontre similaire dans un studio de répetition à  Osaka il y a quelques années. Eh bien, on en mà¨ne pas large face à  un si gros spécimen.
Dernià¨rement, j'ai pu apprécier un autre type d'araignées géantes à  Yamaguchi.

By Jérome At 2009-10-07 17:01:25
from Home ,waiting for typhoon to stop...

Avec celle que j'ai vu ici (Yokohama) j'imagine les specimens qu'il doit y avoir à  la campagne...glurps...

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