Yo!kohama Fixed Gear

Last night going to rent some DVDs to Tsutaya in Minato Mirai, I met the Yo!kohama Fixed Gear fellows. I could not stay long with them but we had a good chat and they agreed for me to take pictures of their fixed gear bikes.

Yo!kohama Fixed Gear

As you will notice, they were all brake-less.

Yo!kohama Fixed Gear

First is a superbe 3rensho, property of T*****i San.

Yo!kohama Fixed Gear

I love the combination of white and blue.

Yo!kohama Fixed Gear

Yo!kohama Fixed Gear

Most of their bikes are built mainly for tricks.

Yo!kohama Fixed Gear

There are some serious riders among them.

Yo!kohama Fixed Gear

I'd like to show you also the riders with their bikes but I have to ask them first if they are OK with that.

Yo!kohama Fixed Gear

Yo!kohama Fixed Gear

Yo!kohama Fixed Gear

Yo!kohama Fixed Gear

Yo!kohama Fixed Gear

This frame is crazy. *want*

Unfortunately I don't have any good lens to shot action in the night... and I really don't like Flash photos (well let's say the ones done with the built-in flash). So I have to find out how to take good "action" photos in this light condition (advices are very welcomed!).

I tried to shot also a video... without success but anyway here is a sample :

This is Nasty (or is it K@NT! ?). He is a rider and skater. He has a blog and a flickr account, you can check them here :

Blog : Fix Pack!!

Flickr : nastYFG

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By 3rensho, T*****i At 2009-09-13 00:40:50


I'm sorry in strange English.

Thank you for a wonderful photograph.
The blog will be checked in the future.

Do you live in Yokohama?

By Jérome At 2009-09-13 05:52:15
from å®¶à€éŽŒè°·ç”º ,Kamaya cho

T******i à•à‚“à€à“à‚“à°à‚“à¯ï¼

à‚³àƒ¡àƒ³àƒˆà‚’æœ‰à‚Šé›£à†à”à–à„à¾à™à€‚à™à¿à¾à›à‚“à­à€è¨˜äº‹à¯è‹±èªžà à‘à€‚

ä»Šåº¦à€å‡ºæ¥à‚Œà°à€T******i à•à‚“ï¼‹àƒàƒ£àƒªà®å†™çœŸà‚’æ’®à‚ŠàŸà„à¨æ€à„à¾à™à€‚


By peanuts butter At 2009-09-13 06:46:53


Merci pour tous tes posts.
Ca fait rever.
Voilà , je cherche un nouveau cadre et Jj'ai une idée trà¨s précise de ce que je veux mais je n'arrive pas à  trouver.
Et je viens de le voir dans ton post YO!kohama,
c'est le cadre blanc à  la géométrie si particulià¨re.

Connais -tu le nom du fabricant, ou le nom de ce type de cadre?


By T*****i At 2009-09-14 03:34:54


Of course, it is good if it avoids it with my àƒàƒ£àƒª.

It is roughly in that place on Friday.
Though it is likely to move to be near.

The police came and it was moved on Friday that time.

By Jérome At 2009-09-14 18:29:27
from Shibuya

Peanuts butter : merci! Pour le cadre blanc, je ne suis pas sur, je vais enqueter :)

T*****i à•à‚“ ï¼šà€€äº†è§£à§à™ï¼[è­¦å¯Ÿà‹à€‚à€‚à€‚]

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