Captain Harlock - Albator - ハーロック

Sunday night, back from a local Matsuri, we stumble upon a shop still open : an oasis for otaku in a residential area.

Captain Harlock - Albator - ハーロック

Usual items can be found : figures, manga, anime DVDs, J Pop CDs and MOPLA (MOdel PLAstic, I don"t know if this "word" is used only in Japan).

Captain Harlock - Albator - ハーロック

Captain Harlock - Albator - ハーロック

I am not a specialist of all this stuff, but still when I was a kid and teenager I spent hours watching on TV all the series coming from Japan.

Captain Harlock - Albator - ハーロック

My all time favorite character is Captain Harlock (キャプテンハーロック, called Albator in France for odd reason but it sounds better to me actually)

Captain Harlock - Albator - ハーロック

I won"t write an article about Harlock here, there are dozens of sites about the saga.

Captain Harlock - Albator - ハーロック

As you can see I couldn"t resist to buy these 2 figures!

Captain Harlock - Albator - ハーロック

Well it was only 400 yens the unit so almost a give away... (I guess because it"s not a big hit anymore)

Captain Harlock - Albator - ハーロック

I must say I enjoyed taking this photos :)

Captain Harlock - Albator - ハーロック

I could practice with the manual mode but a different lens would have been more appropriate, for now I have only the basic kit of the Nikon D5000, a 18-55mm.

Captain Harlock - Albator - ハーロック

Captain Harlock - Albator - ハーロック

Captain Harlock - Albator - ハーロック

The original Japanese opening of the anime:

And the French one! (by Eric Charden, a pop singer)

PS : No I won"t convert myself to otakuism. It will remain an exception! (well, I might complete this collection with the other main charcters and then build the mopla spaceship then ... na, I am kidding ^_^)

PS2 : The figures came actually from the series "Queen Emeraldas" :

I really like the voice of the singer, it sounds like Enka style, doesn"t it?

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