A short note about the Tokyo CGM Night 5 (What?! 5 already!? 早い!) organized by Danny and Andrew.

Lot's of stuff on the net already of course as it took places last Monday in a KDDI office. Just check the Danny's article for millions of links directing to billions of photos! (This event is becoming a DSLR contest :)

Tokyo CGM Night 5 : Otaku and Idols

These photos by Jonny Li.

Usual suspects were here as new faces which is all good. This night was clearly more OO (Otaku Oriented) with some cos players and idols, mixed with IT people, photographers and more. Well perfectly at the image of Danny.

Actually I spent most of the evening in the little next room listening to A.Havill with some few others.
It was really an interesting and informative talk.

Tokyo CGM Night 5 : Otaku and Idols

From left to right in a meishi exchange process :
A.Havill (working for a biG Cie :), Ken Lee (blogger at KenLeeWrites and iPhone App Developer among other things), Serkan Toto (who do many things also like finishing a PHD and writing for Techcrunch) and da man, Danny :D

I took only few shots myself...

Tokyo CGM Night 5 : Otaku and Idols

Red eyes idol (for once red eyes are not caused by the camera...).

Tokyo CGM Night 5 : Otaku and Idols

A crazy dance : I have no idea what it was, but was fun to look at.

Tokyo CGM Night 5 : Otaku and Idols

Who says Otaku are not sporty? Look at that synchronized jump!

Tokyo CGM Night 5 : Otaku and Idols

A cute Samurai Girl!

Tokyo CGM Night 5 : Otaku and Idols

Promoting her moe photo book.

 Tokyo CGM Night 5 : Otaku and Idols

And people networking : even Son Goku was here! He wrote the Otaku Encyclopedia in which of course Danny Choo is represented at the C letter.

A nice evening again, a funky mix that turns out quite well I must say. And I finally caught up with some twitter people, (@Oren_the_red, @MartinTokyo , @JonnyLi, @gbboy and @papadimitriou). See you next time guys!

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