Second episode of this "Everyday Life in Japan" series.

La Machine Yokohama

If you missed the first one it was few weeks ago : Everyday Life in Japan 1. Here we go again for a big mix :

End of Hanami :

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

Meguro river was a must during night time with a cool mood.

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

Maybe the second time I can see a 2CV Citroen French car in Japan. The same model my dad had. Best car ever!:D

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

This one has a good second life.

Last Sakura photo of the year, in Shibuya after work :

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

I am still looking for a DSLR : cheap, good, easy for beginner and not big!... well for now the Pentax K-m seemed to be the best choice.

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

This is a special series : military green, only 1000 pieces if I remember well. But Nikon is just launching the D5000 and if it is a little bit more pricey, it matches my wishes and more (with a video mode but not sure about the quality). I have to check it by myself. You can read a review about it on kirainet.com, by Hector, The Geek in Japan.

We don't see so much homeless people in Japan, for 2 reasons : they are fewer than in many western countries and they tend to have their own places in some parks or along the rivers. I can see this everyday though :

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

I don't know what was his job before but I think he did quite a good job building this...

To get rid of some unused stuff costs money in Japan, you have to pay to throw a bike for example, I guess some dudes refuse that and just throw them in the canal!

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

As the level of the water was unusually low, a dozen of bikes reappeared here...

Sayoko and I went to the Theo Jensen exhibition.

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

He is an artist and as well an engineer, his work is stunning.

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

But they should have organized this in a much larger place and outdoor.

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

We could have a taste of his art but did not enjoy a full experience like we can see on the videos.

Same day in Hibiya Koen, suddenly surrounded by young maids everywhere!

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

An Otaku dream!(Sorry I was too shy to take more pictures...)

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

They were actually waiting for a boys band concert... Can't remember the name.

Finally we have an optical fiber line at home, called here Hikari (å…‰) so now we can enjoy a 1Gbps speed connection! Nothing unusual in Japan, pioneer in optical fiber.

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

The guys installed the cable in less than one hour. If we want to move to a new location they have to come back to remove it!

La Machine was in Yokohama, it was simply awesome.

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

Many bloggers wrote about it, interesting is that French bloggers present it as a French show and the Anglophones as a show from Liverpool. I think the truth is in between...

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

Anyway it was an impressive performance.

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

Apart from the giant mechanics spiders, musicians were playing live installed in some mobile platforms.

Everyday Life in Japan - 2

I took a load of photos (like everybody) : La Machine : Enjoy! If you have the chance the show comes to your city, don't miss it!

See ya!

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By jinoopan At 2009-05-10 03:52:29


The Nikontou members will attract you to a Nikon. :) You already met some of them, didn't you?

By Jérome At 2009-05-10 04:09:12
from at Home ,waiting for wifey

Ah ah! you are a clever guy! I did not know so much about this "club" but Mr Kirainet.com sent me a link and I must say, after testing it at Yodobashi camera, I was convinced, it's a matter of days now :D

By SELMA At 2010-04-24 21:00:39
from selma ,etudianta

j adore la vie japonese
le japon é l exemple type de vivre qui peut m emmeenner laba

By SELMA At 2010-04-24 21:02:02
from selma ,etudiante en medecine

y a qq1

By Jerome At 2010-04-25 01:29:58


Oui, je suis lå :) Mais il est 1h30 (du mat') et je vais me coucher ! si tu as des questions n'hésites pas! ;-)

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