I found a quite good baito (part time job)!

Takeshi 'Beat' Kitano and the Bad Gaijin

As you can see I passed the audition and I will be the Bad Gaijin in the next Takeshi "Beat" Kitano movie! You can't imagine how I am excited about it! Can't tell too much yet...

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By Rick Martin At 2009-03-31 21:27:08

That's so awesome!
He's brilliant.

p.s. You know he's going to kill you at the end right? You have no chance of survival.

By david At 2009-04-01 00:16:24
from Tokyo

hmm on est le premier Avril...en meme temps ca a l air vrai. Bon c est vrai ou pas ?

By Hao At 2009-04-01 00:26:48

The staff definitely did a poor job hiring you, I mean, you don't have that bad-boy face. Maybe 'cause of the recession?

By David At 2009-04-01 02:27:26
from Beijing

Did you think about the consequences ? If you are a very good actor, people are gonna hate you !

Just kidding, but i guess attacks on movies villains in the street already happened !

By ElGaetano At 2009-04-01 03:27:35

Congratulation, you told me about the casting thing a month ago but I would never have thought that they would take you. After all when we took drama classes in France you were shit ;) Do you already know how long is your part? Is it a speaking one?
I'm jealous. But you are gay, so that's ok.

By Rick Martin At 2009-04-01 03:45:19

I forgot for a moment what day it was...
This is why I prefer Halloween.

By Jérome At 2009-04-01 05:46:23
from Home ,Soon to bed...

Thanks for the comments, even Gaetan and his fake hate mail (this is the kind of humor that a French man who lived too long in England can produce - if you wonder ...).

Ok, you got it now : unfortunately it's not true but the picture is real! not photoshopped. I was lucky enough to meet Kitano San 2 times and for the first time I brought a gun toy to make the picture a little bit more interesting... Now if Kitano San wants to shoot me in a movie, I would be more than happy *_*...

(I must apologize to Rick, when he saw first the article, the date was actually wrong...)

By Megumi Yoshikawa At 2009-06-14 06:39:30

ä¹…à—à¶à‚Šà­ï¼ç›¸å¤‰à‚à‚‰àšàƒ–àƒ­à‚°à®æ—¥æœ¬èªžàƒàƒ¼à‚¸àƒ§àƒ³à¯æœªå®Œæˆà®à‚ˆà†à à­ï¼ˆç ¬‘ï¼‰à€€
ä¹…à—à¶à‚Šà«à‚¸à‚§àƒ­àƒ¼àƒ à•à‚“à®àƒ–àƒ­à‚°à‚’èª­à‚“à à‚‰à€àƒ“àƒ¼àƒˆàŸà‘à—àŒéš£à‚Šà «à„à¦à³à£àà‚Šï¼à€€æ˜ ç”»à®å…¬é–‹àŒæ±ºà¾à£àŸà‚‰æ•™àˆà¦à­à€‚

à€€ä»Šç§à¯à€æ–°à—ààƒ‰à‚¤àƒ„à‚„àƒ•àƒ©àƒ³à‚¹à€à‚¤à‚¿àƒªà‚¢à®ç”Ÿå¾’à•à‚“à®à‚¯àƒ©à‚¹à‚’æ Œà£à¦æ¥½à—àà‚„à£à¦à„à¾à™à€‚æ—¥æœ¬èªžà®èª¿å­à¯à©à†à§à™à‹ï¼Ÿà€€

By Jérome At 2009-06-23 08:11:00
from Home ,Listening to Indian music

à‚¢àƒƒï¼àŠä¹…à—à¶à‚Šà à­ï¼æ—¥æœ¬èªžç‰ˆà¯à€‚à€‚à€‚orz...à„à¤å‡ºæ¥à‚‹à‹åˆ†à‹à‚‰àªà„à€‚à ƒ–àƒ­à‚°à¯é¢ç™½à„à à‘à©æ™‚é–“àŒà‹à‹à‚‹à€‚æ—¥æœ¬èªžà®ä½“èª¿à¯à¾à‚à¾à‚à§à™à€‚à¡à‚‡à £à¨àšà¤ä¸Šæ‰‹à«àªà‚‹à€‚à‚†à£àà‚Šà§à€‚
megumià•à‚“à¾à MLCà§à™à‹åˆ¥à®ä¼šç¤¾à§à™à‹ï¼Ÿ

Kitanoà•à‚“à®å†™çœŸà¯àšà„à¶à‚“å‰à«æ’®à‚‰à‚ŒàŸå†™çœŸà§à™à€‚æ˜ ç”»à¯à‚¢àƒ—àƒªàƒ«àƒ•à ƒ¼àƒ«à§à—àŸà­à€‚æ®‹å¿µà€‚à€‚à€‚ï¼¾ï¼¿ï¼¾à€‚

By tanigami At 2010-11-04 04:30:15

fuck i didn't know this!
which movie can i find the bad guy in?

By Jerome At 2010-11-07 16:44:27

Sorry it was an April fool... :-) Read comment above [english one, not mojibake one :-)]

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