Last week I received my new fixed gear bike.

fuji feather fixed gear pignon fixe

I chose to buy a new one as a second hand ones costs more ... I know that living in Japan I "should" ride a Nagasawa or Watanabe or at least a Panasonic etc etc...

fuji feather fixed gear pignon fixe

But for what I want to do with it (having fun) I don't want to spend 200000 yen.

fuji feather fixed gear pignon fixe

Don't misunderstand me, I love the real keirin pist bike and how their owner customize it (you can check my gallery ... and more to come soon). But what I wanted now is a "cheap" good looking and with average good parts bike.

fuji feather fixed gear pignon fixe

So I looked for a while for the best I could have for a very reasonable price and ended up to choose the Fuji Feather Model 2009 (<- full spec on the page).

fuji feather fixed gear pignon fixe

I think it was the best shot for me : 71000 yens for a complete bike, not even the price of a new Panasonic frame...
Plus I ordered it from qbei.jp based in Osaka, they have a 10% discount right now on this item, so I eventually paid only 66000 yens (including the registration cost and delivery). (First I wanted to buy it from my local seller but he doesn't sell Fujis...)

So What do I have for such a price ? Let's open the box :

fuji feather fixed gear pignon fixe

First the box was huge!! about 1.75m by 40cm!....Wow, why that?

Well as you can see, the bike was totally built up and ready to ride!! Thumbs up to qbei.com!! I just had to adjust the height of the saddle.
Amazing, ordering from the net I expected to have to mount it from scratch... That was a nice surprise.

fuji feather fixed gear pignon fixe

So now what is funny is that they really built it as the law says a bicycle should be : with brakes, lights and a cute little bell! ah ah.

fuji feather fixed gear pignon fixe

For now it is on a single speed "mode" but the rear wheel has a flip flop hub so I can change it easily to a fixed gear.

fuji feather fixed gear pignon fixe

I am really happy with my choice. I was not sure about the color, hesitating between the dark green one and this light blue (also available are black and pink).

fuji feather fixed gear pignon fixe

But this blue looks much better for real than on the pics. And I can tell you I have already some ideas to improve the look... eh eh ;-)
I am going to do what I think is stupid and other do for their car or PC : "pimping" it (well just a tiny bit) : in French you can call me a Jacky :)...

fuji feather fixed gear pignon fixe

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By gabuchan At 2009-03-24 00:34:35
from Tokyo

Nice post! Nice pics too! Im gonna get new handlebars and stem though, as they seem to be too far forward with the standard FUJI stem and handbars.

By pistfujifeather At 2009-06-08 22:07:02
from japan ,japan

Hello I also have gotten on the Fuji feather. My best regards.

By BIlly At 2009-07-20 07:59:58
from Tokyo ,Photographer, Videographer, Blogger

Sweet ride! Do you prefer riding fixed gear or free? I'm trying to decide which is best for me as a beginner.

By Jérome At 2009-07-21 05:20:55
from Kamaya Cho ,Soon dinning

Hi! I switched to fixed gear few days after I bought it actually and kept it that way. It's not so big deal as I still have the front brake. So when I am lazy to use my legs to stop the bike, I use the front brake :)

Plus, as we always have to keep in mind that we need more time to stop the bike (in fixed gear mode), it forced us to really be aware of the traffic not just 10 meters ahead but much more : so it makes us riding safer I would say! (I hope I am clear)

Anyway enjoy!

By pa At 2009-11-21 03:37:12



Je viens de tomber sur votre blog en cherchant un dealer de fuji à  Tokyo. Je suis actuellement à  Tokyo pour une semaine et aimerait savoir o๠je peux en trouver un?
Par avance merci

By Jérome At 2009-11-21 05:42:40
from Maison ,En train de trier des photos

Salut, je te conseille d aller voir du cote de Tokyu Hands a Shibuya (facile a trouver dans google maps), il est possible qu ils en aient encore. cependant l anne derniere j ai voulu achete le mien a la meme periode et impossible d en trouver (les modeles 2008 avaient tous ete vendus et du coup j avais attendu les modeles 2009 qui avaient mis du temps a arriver :/ ...). Si ils n en n ont plus en magasin, demande leur de contacter leurs collegues de Yokohama, ils en avaient il n y a pas si lgtps (mais ca depend de la taille de cadre dont tu as besoin aussi...). Bonne chance!

By royo At 2010-05-06 04:13:46
from united kingdom

I have been thinking of buying a fixed wheel bike for about a year now but not sure what brand or make to go with, I realy like the bianchi pista chrome job as this looks more pimpable to me without going over the top just a few simple changes to personalise the bike. Its a little over budget but after looking at some of the crisp looking bikes on your page I think its going to be the bike for me, As i dont want to have to buy another bike later on. Could you suggest some good japanese sites for some slick custom parts. Cheers Royo. p.s. keep putting them bikes pics up there the best on the web.

By Jerome At 2010-05-06 15:39:30
from Kamaya cho

Hi Royo,

A good shop for parts would be Blue Lug in Tokyo, (you can google it) but I am afraid they don't sell parts abroad. In Osaka there is Rene who sells anywhere in the world I think, here is his online shop : http://www.tracksupermarket.com/ .


By Psyklon At 2010-12-25 04:14:41
from Amateur Photografer, akiba and fixed gear fan ,Looking some fixie fields

I like your choice! Very probably pull the rear brakes. I have a blog also and would like to know if you could spend a few things impressive of your blog.
Greetings and Hi! Hi!`s XD
Diego from Mèxico

By Jerome At 2010-12-25 23:43:46
from France! ,Celebrating Christmas!

Hi Diego!

Thanks, no problem you can show stuff from my blog as long as you put a link to it :-)
Have a merry Christmas and an happy new year!

Ride safe!


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