Beautiful day today in Tokyo. It's been a while! Last 2 weeks where in a "Normandy weather mode".

This is just a quick post with some street photos I added to the Yokohama album in the gallery.

Street photography in Yokohama

Photos where taken with my Canonet around October, I think ...

Street photography in Yokohama

This is the local market at about 10mn from home.

Street photography in Yokohama

They call it the little Ameyoko. Ameyoko is a really famous market and bargain place in Tokyo.

Street photography in Yokohama

You can find Ameyoko market between the Okachimachi and Ueno stations of the Yamanote line. Osusume desu! Always crowded but fun.

Street photography in Yokohama

This one is much smaller and almost only for food as opposed to the Ameyoko market where you can find almost everything.

Street photography in Yokohama

Street show : it is not so unusual to see a monkey in Japan. Last year a wild one coming from the mountain of Takao even reached Shibuya station!.
Nobody could catch him despite a huge organization to trap him...

Street photography in Yokohama

Actually, the kid did not appreciate so much and started to cry...

Street photography in Yokohama

I will add more photos this week-end as I'll get the photos from a film I brought to develop last week : to tell the truth, I don't even remember what I took on this film, so it will be a surprise for me too.

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