I was lucky yesterday as I learn that Sébastien Tellier was in Tokyo for few concerts. Lucky again : one of this concert was in Tokyo Midtown today.

The show started at exactly 2PM as scheduled. The stage was surrounded by the glass skyscrapers of Midtown : natural reverb is granted but not really the ideal for the musicians. The set was 45mn long in a front an audience mixed of French/gaijin and Japanese people amateur of French culture and for some of them Sébastien Tellier's enthusiasts. Despite the unusual place and time for a concert, Sébastien Tellier did the show and it was a good time of music and humor.

Sébastien Tellier Tokyo

"And now a song about bi-sexuality!"

Sébastien Tellier Tokyo

"And now a song about Indian American"

Sébastien Tellier Tokyo


Sébastien Tellier Tokyo

These "pictures" were done with my mobile but I mainly used my Canonet, I will add these pictures once the film will be developed.

At the end of the show, like a groupie I asked Sébastien to sign my just acquired CD and exchanged the usual words in such a situation :
S.T : "Thanks for coming, you are French? You live here?"
Me : "well, you're welcome, thank you. Yes for 2 years."
Next :)

The mood was really relaxed so I saluted the other musicians (2 keyboard players and a drummer). They seemed to enjoy their trip in Japan after about 20 countries this year.
I wonder what we can learn visiting countries like this.

The concert was part of the Festival France Glamour.

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