Saturday evening I took the Feather for a ride in Yokohama, a little bit everywhere from Minato Mirai to the heights of Yamate.
It was a very pleasant night.

I took the Nikon D5000 with me and shoot few pics.



I love this place. There is a nice mood and It is very photogenic.

Many photographers were around.



I tried different set-ups in manual mode. I only show few of them as the view is little bit always the same…

Ok I tried an auto-portrait with the minuter… Some people looked at me strangely … ah!


This is the opposite view.


And today I took the bike one more time but earlier this time as the weather was nice (now it is pouring rain!).

I first stopped at Bike Town (bought some "world champion" socks :-) ) that I presented before.

And then I went to Motomachi where I stumbled upon this shop in a street going to Yamate. It is called Maware.


I had a good chat with the owner. He is a leather worker who makes special items for bicycles as he is himself a cyclist.
I have the idea to build a new ride and I definitely want to put some leather touches on it. I love the rendering. Well, it's not for now, probably next year ...


He sells some of the bicycles presented but I was very impressed by one of the bike that was just for showing : it is a Kemper Pedersen bicycle. It was the first time I saw one. Kind of a radical bike! If I understood well it is a Denmark designed bike built in Germany (to be confirmed).


As you can see the saddle is in suspension between the seat tube and the stem. Like a bridge, very unusual. I'd love to try it one day!



On show, there was also a nice Cinelli touring bicycle with beautiful chrome lugs and Campagnolo components.





Beer anyone ?


And finally I noticed this single speed for sale, that looks very nice for easy rides.  It is a new brand called Scarabike.
It is a hand made bicycle and the welds are superb.



For more info check the following links : [Don't hesitate to use google translator, it is not perfect but you can have the main info]

Bike Town :

http://www.jeromesadou.com/e n/blog/125/Bicycle+Shops+in+Yokohama


Maware :

http://www.maware.net/ : 〒 231-0861 Yokohama MotoMachi NakaKu 2-80

Kemper Pedersen :


Scarabike :


http://scarab11.com/sacer.html [Presented model]

http://scarab11.com/company.html [Company info]

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By jamaipanese At 2010-09-27 00:38:35
from Jamaica

really nice photos, the D5000 takes some great pics

By Joe4TheRecord At 2011-02-16 23:22:33
from Kansai, Japan

I really like the little touches you added to your feather. I've been looking for a rear reflector like that for my Fuji.

By Luis At 2011-06-21 13:59:21
from Osaka

Hi Jerome.
I sometimes drop by your blog and do some reading about what's going on around Tokyo. Btw, nice blog.
Glad you like the Scarabike, and thanks for the nice comment on the welds.
The frame is hand built by TOYO Frame (southeast Osaka).
Feel free to drop by our website and check/comment our products.
A+, Luis

By jerome At 2011-06-23 11:05:20


Hey, thanks. I visited your site yesterday, very nice, I like a lot the pics on it. I'll be moving to Tottori next month so I ll have probably more opportunities to come to Osaka from then! I'd love to visit Toyo's atelier !

By Luis At 2011-07-20 08:41:10


Bonjour Jerome,
Tottori is still a bit far from Osaka but closer than Yokohama though.
If you stop by Osaka drop me a line by email or Facebook. There're some nice bike shops in Osaka, I'm sure you heard of them by now.
As for the visit, let me know in advance and we can organise a visit

PS: Hope you didn't find many French grammar mistakes on the website!

By Jerome At 2011-07-21 07:18:28
from Montivilliers, France

Hi Luis,

I should be in Osaka at the end of the month maybe the 30 or 31th. I will let you know then. French translation is alright I think on the site, good job!

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