For a few weeks now I've been thinking about a project for this summer. A sporty one. 

My goal is to start from 0m, Yokohama altitude to the top of Japan, the Mount Fuji, 3776 m.

In one day and by my own strength.

Meaning riding my bike from Yokohama to the fifth station of Fuji San (last place the cars can reach) and then climbing to the top.

Yokohama in red, Fuji San in blue.

To make it even more fun I'll be riding a Fixed Gear bike :-)

Now, being the 111th Anniversary of Fuji Bikes this year I then had the idea to link this event and my project. Therefore I told about it to Yoshie San (from Akibo - Fuji Bikes Japan) who I met again recently at the Fuji-Cyclingtime presentation. So Fuji Bikes Japan lend me a Fuji Track Comp bike and I will bring it to the top of Mount Fuji!! Yeah baby :-) (if everything goes well...that said)  Of course I hope for a good weather this day for a cool bike photo session at the top of the volcano -_-; 

I plan to do this at the end of August, leting me 2 months time of training (I already started with my usual bike and some running). And this morning I received the Fuji Track Comp! Thankfully this bike is quite light, around 8kg builded of Aluminum and Carbon.







As you can see the bike is already mounted with brakes which kind of breaks the line of the bike. Rear one is totally useless being a track bike but as always when it comes to bring a track bike on the road there're rules issues. I always keep the front brake on my Fuji Feather but I don't see any reason to have a rear one. Plus the "shot lever" is quite good looking I think. So maybe I'll change the set a little bit also on this one, might save some grams as well.






Pedals are old ones that I just use now for testing purposes, I will change them for clip pedals.

Basically my training will be quite close of the triathlon trainings I used to do few years ago. Only difference : it's no race so I don't need to be fast but just ready to have enough endurance and strength for the whole day. (It is actually also a challenge that will lead me to a come-back to triathlon competition. I love this sport I used to practice it in France and really want to get into it again.)
To keep track of my training I started to use RunKeeper. Any user around here ? Don't hesitate to "friend" me.

If you think you can join me on the challenge, don't hesitate to contact me! As we say in French "Plus on est de fou, plus on rit" ( = The more, the merrier).Be prepared for something like 5-7 hours of bike and then the ascension for about 3h/5h. Yep a long day! (of course you don't have to carry your bike to the top ;-) 
Sponsors are also welcome!! (why not)
I will document the project more in details with future blog/twitter updates, plus live pictures and twitter updates and maybe live streaming from time to time on the D-Day. 


Views of the Fuji San from Yokohama, found on Flickr.

Blue Yokohama

Links : 

- http://www.fujibikes.jp/

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By Snacktreat At 2010-07-04 00:13:49


Dude, great ride plan. I'd love to ride with you, let's go for it. I did the ride out to fuji from yokohama, and also i did the ride from the base of fuji up to the 5th station. Fixie of course. Anyway bro, lets ride.

By Jerome At 2010-07-04 18:44:47
from Yokohama

Great!! I'll contact you soon by e-mail! [nice blog that you have by the way]

By chucks At 2010-07-07 16:24:05
from Hokkaido

Nice blog. just wondering if there is anywhere in Tokyo where I can rent a fixed gear bike? My in-laws live in Tokyo and when I am there I always burrow a mama chari, but would defintely like to try a fixie in somwehere like Tokyo.



By Joe4therecord At 2010-07-09 16:35:39
from Kansai ,Teaching English

I wish you could get a camera crew to go with you. This would make a cool video

By Jerome At 2010-07-12 22:43:11
from Home ,Drinking tea

Chucks : I am not sure, I've seen a rental shop with quite good bikes one time (they have also
a cool restaurant), maybe they also have some fixed gear or more probably single speed. I'll try to check.

Joe : maybe not a real camera crew (unless someone is volunteer) but don't worry we will manage
to shoot something... so I'll be able to watch it in my old days :-)

By goukadesign At 2010-07-31 18:21:10
from England ,Eating chocolate for breakfast

Good luck with the journey Jerome :), I wish I could do the same one day and see some of the awesome views from Mount Fuji-san you will see.

By whywastetime At 2010-09-02 03:09:10
from India Now, Japan in October then London

Jerome buddy when's the fuji ride happening? I've been following your blog for a few months now and stoked on your attempt of the mountain. Really keen to see how it all panned out.

I am coming to Japan for a couple of weeks in October, riding from Osaka to Tokyo (via Mount Fuji) and whilst there was hoping to do a review of bike shops along the way (particularly in Tokyo). I've seen your reviews of Kalvinka and a couple of other places which gave me the idea to do a similar thing for the guys back in London.

Anyway, let me know about the fuji ride. Keep your your good work on the blog, its a been a great tool for me in anticipation of my trip and I look forward to more of your updates.

By Jerome At 2010-09-02 07:36:36
,Waking up


Fuji ride went pretty well last week-end. I am now in he process to sort photos and videos for a big blog post. It should be online by the week-end. Ping me when you are here!

By ichinomiya At 2010-09-04 05:54:17
from strasbourg

bonjour tres beau defi que tut donner
bien joue d'y etre arriver
pas trop de douleurs le lendemain??
je me presenterais une autre fois
mais j aussi roule fixe a tokyo
pendant q annees...

By Luke Floorwalker At 2010-09-05 16:47:22
from Yokohama

Dude, did you make it. I had this idea as well a few weeks ago and then I found this! Man I wish I could have come! I ride a KHS flite 100 fixie of course. If it is not too late i would like to join. Cheers

By Jerome Vader At 2010-09-06 00:27:21
,Soon to futon

Hi Luke,

I made it last week actually. I just uploaded tonight the "report" of the trip. Well next time I'll try to prepare a bit better the thing so people can join me if they want. This time was kind of unorganized... many stuff decided last day... If you have an other idea of that kind let me now :-)

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