Looking for green in Tokyo ? Not difficult actually, there are many parcs and even with a bit of train you are quickly in the mountains. For example Takao San is about 1h from Shinjuku... I don't even mention if you take the Shinkansen... (then it is not even a question of time and distance but more of money...)

Today I bring you to Todorokikeikoku just near Tokyo West part. It is just one stop after Jiyugaoka (on the  Oimachi line) which is also on the Tokyu - Toyoko line that starts from Shibuya (and goes to Motomachi - Chukagai in Yokohama).

From the "outside" almost nothing reveals this place, even there is a huge road passing over it at some point. But once you walked down the river you are in a completely different mood, you can almost forget the city "up there".

It is not a long walk but it is a very nice path along the river borded by a luxuriant vegetation, and to finish with it, there's a temple at the end where you can enjoy a macha (green tea).

I totally recommend it. There was already some people last week-end, but not too many so we could enjoy the walk.

You'd better go for it before the summer because I suspect it will be quite crowded then. Well if there are too many people on the path you can still go directly in the river like this kids :)

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By Keith Morrell - Gouka Design At 2010-05-15 21:09:01
from Huddersfield, England ,Chilling on a Saturday

Looks so peaceful, love the blue dragon. Sugoi!

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