I just realized that the last episode of "Everyday Life in Japan" was as far as December! As Homer Simpson would say : "D'oh!"

Yep, time is flying!!

So it is much time for my random mix of snapshots in Tokyo and around.

Most were taken with the Nikon D5000, and the bad looking ones were taken with the iPhone 3G.


This lion is at the entrance of an old imperial building now used as an exhibition place.


Just near in a café after the visit, I "stole" this shot of these 2 ladies in kimono. I  wonder how French people would act if some women in Paris would wear traditional clothes... In Bretagne (Brittany - west of France) women wear the traditional dresses/hair during the festivals but not during the usual life...At least they kept the knowledge and "savoir-faire".


How many of you are now on twitter ? I passed recently the 3000 tweets( exactly two years after the first one !) and 500 followers (thanks everyone) and I'am following myself 361 people at the moment. I first heard about it in 2007 but started using it in 2008 and since then haven't stop! 

In 2008 it was still a geek only service but now it is widely mainstream, any company now has its twitter account (not meaning they use it necessarily well though). In Shibuya spotted this Panasonic window, they were just building up the shop (or whatever it was) but first thing ready was this big Twitter logo!


An other sign : books. There are thousands (almost:) books about how to use twitter...really?!... I mean ...pfff


Nice fixie in Harajuku, the trend does not seem to weaken :-)


I think that restaurant is in Naka-Meguro.


This restaurant/brasserie is in Ikejiri Ohashi. if you can't read French  : Ivrogne  = drunkard ...yes I know. I guess the owner has lot s of humour.


Good days have taken some time to come back ... When the weather is nice many bands jump in the street to perform, here near Yokohama Station.



Hanami days were not so warm this year, but I managed with wifey to have at least one lunch under the sakura . We bought some bento  and eat these little dried squids as appetizer, believe me it is really good!


Certainly better than that this cheese kit-kat o_O


We are lucky enough that wifey's family lives in the countryside (Tottori Ken) so from time to time we receive a box full of vegetables and fruits that they grow themselves! Awesome!


In a supermarket, in the middle of unrelated articles : some mini-temple are sold.


Blurry photo of Sean Lennon and friends (including Cornelius members) concert at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo. I even shot a video with the iPhone, sound is okay but image quality is horrible...


Few weeks ago was the Earth Day near Yoyogi Koen in Shibuya. It is kind of an organic-market-eco-energy-flower-power-peace-and-love-brother-event. Totally crowded but some interesting stuff though.


People are protesting against Nike who agreed with the Tokyo government to build a Nike park. Problem is that many homeless are already living in this "for now  public park" and have to move from it. I wonder how Nike will manage to keep a good image in this "battle".


A bike film festival booth, I was at their last event in Tokyo you can check my report .



Bamboo surfboard anyone? Maybe I'll try surfing one day...


At a hippy style event obviously someone is selling some grass.... ah... not exactly the one you would expect ;-)


Solar cooker, simple and efficient.


There were some concerts and performances also. This guy is waiting for his turn to go on stage.


Totally unrelated : some conbini food kind of a deluxe version, 980 yens at a Natural Lawson.


Our neighbourhood, the house in the middle has not been inhabited for at least 3,5 years, probably much more. Vegetation is growing like crazy around (and maybe inside). Sometimes city workers come to cut everything.


Our tulips, wifey's growing a nice little garden.   


Some random house around.



There is still some very old style houses also.

On the way to Minato Mirai, a nice place to walk in Yokohama.


2 following shots from the iPhone. About 30mn between 2 shots. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen them already.



The Tsutaya and Starbuck of Minato Mirai : you can take a magazine from the Tsutaya and read it in the Starbuck. Tip : if it is full, there is a cozy place at the first floor where you can have your drink listening to some CDs on headphones they provide (though you can't bring any magazine upstairs...unless you bought it ...).

Some little ducklings on their way back home. If you wonder, on the road is written "School zone" (upside down in katakana).


Shibuya, yesterday,  on our way to Bunkamura to see a "Tamara de Lempicka" exhibition. She was very famous during what we call in France "La Belle Epoque"  (between the 2 world wars).


And just on the way I noticed this girl wearing a corset from an other time...


Recently I was looking for light shoes. Summer collections are out. Lots of choice in the shops.


Any colour you like ?


I liked these Converse but finally I bought a pair of Adidas..quite unusual for me. I'd like to try the Vibram 5 fingers but I could not find a physical shop selling it... and wifey threatened me of divorce if I happen to wear such shoes...


This model is very light... with holes everywhere, it should be nice for the summer. (unless it rains ...)



Ok, did I just finish this blog post talking about shoes I bought? yep it seems so...well, whatever, see you next time... maybe ;-)

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By Protocol Snow At 2010-05-09 03:39:09


Wow at the corset. That looks painful =/

By soli At 2010-05-10 02:32:31
from Cyprus

Jerome can i ask you, what model are those adidas shoes u got cause ive been trying to find them in europe but to no avail.

By Jerome At 2010-05-10 13:12:48
from Tokyo

Protocol snow : She was looking ok and walking normally if that can reassure you :)

Soli : model is "climacool daroga" I think it was part of the summer 2010 collection too...

By soli At 2010-05-10 14:05:36
from Cyprus

Thanks very much (:

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