Cleaning up my folders I stumbled upon  these photos and I wondered why I haven't uploaded yet them...well here they are! Some photos were taken as far as last October so don't mind please... Anyway the following posts might contain also some "old" material as I haven't uploaded anything during March but kept things in a "to blog" folder.

If you came here before April you noticed the slightly new design of the blog. Some features have disappeared like the possibility to comment with a Twitter account but it will come back soon. I am also working on a mobile version of the blog that should be ready by  the end of the week :)

One new feature of the blog is that from now I will display the photos in a larger format, I hope you like it. Well that's about it for now! Time for me to lunch ~

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By Jinoopan At 2010-04-07 15:27:15

The new larger format looks good. And your view through the nikon gear is 'Très bien'. :)

By Jerome At 2010-04-07 18:15:08
,Just back at home after a meeting in Harajuku

Merci, the Nikon helps a lot indeed :-) I am still using the basic kit 18-55mm. There 's still lots of room on my side for improvement!

By Luca At 2010-04-19 18:02:04

Hello Jerome,
my name is Luca and like you i love Japan and fixed gear bikes,
i came to live in Tokyo 3 months ago with my french girlfriend and brought with me many italian pista bicycle parts and frames to sell them and make some money while i am looking for a job here.
I was supposed to sell them at the Sekidobashi market that should have been last saturday but it rained.
Do you know if it is going to be next saturday ?
And since it should rain again do you know what is going to happen or where i can get more informations about it ?
Thank you very much.

By Jerome At 2010-04-19 23:08:36
,soon to bed

Ciao Luca,

Indeed the market should take place next Saturday I've been told. I have few contacts, I will be able to tell you before Saturday if there s any changes. I just checked the weather previsions and it may not rain, maybe you will be lucky. In the bad case of a one more rainy day, I would advise you to sell your stuff on Yahoo Auction, I am sure you can make some good money here with Italian parts/frame if they are in good condition. Other option would be to contact some shops owner but I don't know if it would be a good deal for you. Until when are you in Japan ? Ok I am going to send you a mail now it will be easier... :)

By Roberto At 2010-05-13 05:29:09
from El Paso, Texas ,Building a Raleigh

The Silver Bianchi with bullhorns and a goldfinger brake lever: Is that an LED light wrapped around the neck? If so is this available anywhere on the web? I'd looooove to have one.

By Jerome At 2010-05-13 11:57:15

Yes it is , quite easy to find around here, I don't know for Texas ... one brand producing this kind of led :

By Crichan Mickael At 2010-06-05 21:48:06

Ils ya de tres beaux fixies sur tokyo !!!!!!
Beaucoup plus qu'au havre : )
j'ai un petit peu de mal a comprndre le montage du guidon sur le Bianchi
: ( pas trop glop a mon gout
J'aime ces photos
@+ Mcka Hac tri

By Jerome At 2010-06-06 12:30:26
from Yokohama

Ouep :) tu roules en fixe aussi des fois? t as quoi ? Sinon oui le montage du cintre est disons original. Remarque aussi sur les autres photos les bikes avec manettes de freins et mâchoires mais rien pour freiner! C est moche et inutile...[je crois que la raison est de rouler brakeless sans éveiller les soupçons de la police (a confirmer)...mais bon la autant garder un frein avant je trouve...]

By Crichan Micael At 2010-06-11 23:33:58

oui je roule en fixe plutot souvent en ce moment j'ai un menisque fissure
La saison de tri etant tombe a l'eau en attendant la reprise de CAP
J'avais un cyty link gitane que j'ai changer pour un bowery84 guidon piste et brakeless (les flics je n'y ai pas penser j'avoue : ) )

By amber At 2010-06-16 03:27:14
from brooklyn,ny

WOW Japanese people are full of win when it comes to fixies. I love the brake levers in these pics !

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