[*] He he

In September 2006 I decided to come to live in Japan... Well let's say, to try it.
It was my third time to come to Japan. I was over 30 years old so had no possibility to apply for a working holiday visa, my only chance was to find a job and an employer willing to support me for a visa and that during the 3 months of my tourist visa's length.

To make it more difficult, my Japanese was basic at the time and I had absolutely no network in Tokyo. No twitter, no facebook, no linkedin ...

Yes I like challenges :p

Anyway crawling the local web I could have some interviews. I was surprised how fast the different HR answered quickly to my e-mails, usually during the next 48 hours. Positive or negative answers but I was not used to so fast answers in France. That was helpful as I had only 3 months as I said.

For some companies my Japanese was a problem of course but for some not so. Looking for a Web Developer job made the task easier, Php and Javascript remaining the same everywhere :)

Anyway 2 companies agreed to support me and I put my choice on Samurai Factory. The process to get the working visa was simple (I had the proper diplomas and work experience), a bit long (about 3 months) and stressful anyway.

I will always be grateful to Samurai Factory for supporting me at that time and for the following 3 years. I had some good time at work and during the company trips (Las Vegas/Grand Canyon, London/Paris and Ho Chi Minh City) or during the Fuji San climbing for instance.

But I have a new life project in mind (I will surely develop that in a future post, but not now) and so decided to leave the company and Friday was my last day at the office. This last week was quite emotional, more than I thought actually. I received cheerful messages from my co-workers, that was heart-warming.

There are some talented young people at Samurai Factory and I wish them all the best.

Sayonara Samurai Factory and thanks for everything.

[*] Nothing is impossible in Japan! My co-workers managed to offer me an iPad!! ... well sort of ;-)


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By Jinoopan At 2010-01-31 15:24:36

I believe that you will succeed in Japan because you look happy now. Happiness is the basis of passion and courage. I wish you some good luck too! (^_^)//

By JeromeSadou At 2010-02-01 07:28:55
from Yokohama || Tokyo

Hey it's cool to have you stopping by here :-) Thank you very much for your comment. I hope everything is well for you too!

By Lolo At 2010-02-01 17:51:04
from Paris ,working (sort of)

Bonne chance pour la suite et tiens nous au courant.

By baroccogiapponese At 2010-02-03 11:49:56
from ikebukuro ,reading blogs!

J'ai ete plus ou moins dans la meme situation et maintenant j'ai envie de changer de boulot. Mais je ne pourrai pas tout suite, pour moi il faut attendre encore un peu.
Bonne chance pour tes projets!

By pchan At 2010-02-11 14:45:35
from Belgium

Heureusement qu'il y a encore quelques entreprises qui ne rechignent pas à  engager des "gaijins".
Bon courage pour la suite!!

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