Last Saturday I took the train at 6AM for a day in Osaka, needless to say it is very unusual I wake up before the sun in Japan but that was worth it.
My plan was to visit the Cyclemode show in Osaka. Previous years you could see on my blog that I visited the Tokyo edition. Now I live closer to Osaka, plus that was a good opportunity to visit a little bit the city again. My first steps in Japan were in Osaka in 2005 but I haven't been back since then! 
Anyway I took of course lots of pics at the Cyclemode, this time I focused mainly on triathlon bikes but there will be other stuff also in my next post.
To be frank I did not see any huge evolution compared to last year but still some very good stuff presented by Trek and the couple Fuji/Kestrel [Kestrel and Fuji being part of the same group now, they are represented by Akibo Corporation in Japan]. I think there was a special area for triathlon in Tokyo this year, I did not see it in Osaka though... :-(

First booth I visited

A Japanese maker that I did not know. (

Kuota Kalibur

Ceepo still looking good.

Agressive Lapierre.

A classic now, Cervélo P3 with some Easton wheels.

Trek with a color custom service for customers.

This is the model used during latest Hawaii Ironman by some elites and also by Fabian "Spartacus" Cancellara this season on Time Trial races.
I got a short course on mechanical fluid from the booth staff, explaining why the square corners were important. It reminded me of studies I did 15 years ago at university on polymers properties… Anyway…

Time trial bike by Colnago, the Flight.

Koga are part of the Accell group as well as Lapierre :

Kabuto aerodynamic helmets, I never tried such an helmet, it might be interesting though. I wonder how much my long hair slows me, probably few seconds in hour, ha! I'd better to train harder then…

Triathlon shoes by Shimano

BH time trial bike with Profile Design components

Pinarello also with Profile Design components

Lots of bottles!

Quintana Roo, I remember them to be popular a while ago, how about now ?

Kestrel are presenting some cool sets I think. I have to say the Oval wheels look good on it.

I don't have a specific triathlon bike, in France I had a road race Cannondale that was adjusted to a triathlete position. I guess I can do the same with my Madone but I'd like to try one of these machines during a season to see how it feels and if any significant time gain. Aero-wheel have also surely a strong impact. But I wonder from what speed the gain is really significant.

Any of you having 2 bikes : one road race and one specific triathlon bike ? 
How is the gain ? What speed difference could you mesure? Or any other positive points ? [comfort in position etc...]

This was Matty Reed 's bike in 2011, first time I could see it in real life. Quite impressive!

Fuji (and now Kestrel) has always a cool booth.

French Triathlon shoes, Carnac. [Need a pair...]

Last time trial /triathlon bikes I saw, Ridley's ones. Notice the position of the front brake.

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Par GAetano à 2011-12-11 18:21:41

Your best article so far about sport material. The Lapierre Bike looks like it comes out of a Design agency. You'd need strong arms to hold the position on this ride.
Anyway, all this look like a futuristic world with bikes that we never have the chance to see in action if we don't follow a competion on site.
Very good picture. Makes me wish I had the legs to put those rides in action.


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