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  • Learning to play Shamisen - 1

    Posted on : 2010-05-23

    How to play  Shamisen was something I wanted to learn even before I start to live in Japan. Well, it actually took...

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  • Asakusa Sanja Matsuri - Dog and Sake

    Posted on : 2010-05-19

    A quick post with : a cool dog : (I want one like this)And a video shot at arm's length : Japanese Tea Ceremony is...

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  • Todorokikeikoku, A nice Oasis in Tokyo

    Posted on : 2010-05-15

    Looking for green in Tokyo ? Not difficult actually, there are many parcs and even with a bit of train you are quickly i...

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  • Tokyo Fix iPhone App

    Posted on : 2010-05-10

    Today I downloaded the Tokyo Fix iPhone App. It was released just recently by Ollie Magazine, a street culture mag it se...

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  • Everyday life in Japan 8

    Posted on : 2010-05-08

    I just realized that the last episode of "Everyday Life in Japan" was as far as December! As Homer Simpson would say : "...

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  • CP+ Camera and Girls Show in Yokohama

    Posted on : 2010-05-04

    Okay I am lying a bit, the real title is "CP+  Camera and Photo Imaging Show" :-)It was about one month ago and it...

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