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  • Hama Bike : Girls GoldSprint Video

    Posted on : 2010-10-10

    Everything is in the title!Winner was even faster than some guys :-)

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  • Track Stand Contest Video

    Posted on : 2010-10-09

    Track Stand contest on a boat: what a great idea! Being on a cruising boat obviously added some difficulties (there were...

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  • Hama Bike - Day Time

    Posted on : 2010-10-09

    This is the "Photo report" from last week bicycle event in Yokohama. (announced here last month). A very good opportunit...

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  • Evening ride and Bicycle Shops in Yokohama.

    Posted on : 2010-09-27

    Saturday evening I took the Feather for a ride in Yokohama, a little bit everywhere from Minato Mirai to the heights of...

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  • Fuji Tomato Pursuit 2011 and Co.

    Posted on : 2010-09-22

    I usually only display pictures I've taken myself but this time I stole the following pics from so...

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  • Past and Upcoming Bicycle Events

    Posted on : 2010-09-19

    Last August I went to 2 bike events :One was in Omotesando, it was a mini bicycle market organized next to an organic fa...