Shots and Videos from Instagram


  • 6 months

    Posted on : 2011-05-30

    After 6 months away from the blog, I was not sure where to start again. I'm going for the easy solution :  a summar...

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  • GoPro HD on Bicycle - Morning Commute

    Posted on : 2010-12-09 month without any update, I think it's my "record" this year... It's not that I don't have anything to uplo...

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  • Tokyo Shop Visit : Dreamworks Cycles

    Posted on : 2010-11-03

    I visited the shop few weeks ago, I used to work really close to it but not any more so it has been a while since my las...

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  • Red Bull Messenger Race in Yokohama

    Posted on : 2010-10-22

    Here is a selection of about 50 photos (from 600...) I took last week-end at the Red Bull Geared-Up, an alley cat design...

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  • Red Bull Geared Up in Yokohama

    Posted on : 2010-10-20

    I still need to select the pics to show here (as I took about 600 of them) so for now here is a short video of the final...

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  • Hama Bike - Party Time

    Posted on : 2010-10-16

    Today I spent the day in Yokohama near the Symbol Tower, deep in the port of Yokohama where took place the Geared Up eve...

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